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Ukraine: Authorities Shut Down File-Sharing Site Ex.ua

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On Jan. 31, the Ukrainian authorities shut down Ex.ua, a popular file-sharing site. A selection of relevant tweets [en, uk, ru] is here [1]: e.g., @sinplotnika [2] [ru]: “The state has deprived you of bread, now it's also decided to take the show [entertainment] away.”; @Urshulia [3] [uk]: “For me, the loss of Ex.ua is the loss of the alternative to TV. […]”; @rlasuria [4] [ru]: “Is Ex.ua [shutdown] #SOPA tricks?)”. More details and comments – at TorrentFreak [5]; reader Taras writes [6]: “In Ukraine movie on BlueRay costs $40 when minimal salary is $120.” Following Ex.ua's shutdown, the Interior Ministry's site has been down for hours; @kotusenko wrote [7]: “[…] is this some sort of hacker retaliation 4 ex.ua?”