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Russia: Vladimir Putin Ignites a Pre-Election Debate on Nationalism

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Citizen Media, Elections, Ethnicity & Race, Governance, Politics, Protest, RuNet Echo

Following Vladimir Putin's article [1] [ru] on ‘nationality question,’ Dmitry Rogozin [2], vice-premier and former leader of semi-nationalist party “Rodina,” had published [3] [ru] an op-ed in which he calls nationalists who participate in post-election protests to join pro-government ranks. Oleg Kashin, Kommersant reporter, analyses [4] [ru] it as a scary perspective for non-Russians who considered Putin a some sort of defence from radical nationalists. Publicpost.ru, multiblog, summarizes [5] [ru] nationalists’ opinions despising both Putin and Rogozin for forgetting about ethnic Russians.