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Slovakia: Protesting Corruption, Protesting “Gorilla”

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Slovakia, Citizen Media, Economics & Business, Governance, Law, Politics, Protest

The Economist's Eastern Approaches blog writes [1] about Slovakia's corruption scandal caused by the leaked info from the 2005-06 wiretapping operation codenamed “Gorilla” (more – here [2]). On Friday, Jan. 27, an anti-corruption rally – “Protest Gorila [3]” [sk; Facebook page [4]]- took place in the capital Bratislava (photos are here [5], videos – here [6]). The media reported “hundreds” to 4,000 of protesters at the rally, while blogger Ján Gašo counted [7] [sk] at least 2,375 people on a photo taken at the time when people were still arriving at the rally.