Ghana: Attorney General Martin Amidu Fired, Ghana Reacts

A recent article published by Tanzanian newspaper, The Citizen, reported that Africa’s Internet use has hit a 2000% growth. It is no wonder that these days any major news in Africa quickly torches the web like wild fire, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, as demonstrated by the January 19, 2012 announcement of the dismissal of Ghana’s Attorney General, Martin Amidu.

Mr. Amidu’s fate came after he alleged that that some key government officials had planned unjustified media attacks on him because they consider him a threat:

My integrity and professionalism as a lawyer was a threat to the concealment of gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana in which they might be implicated.

President John Evans Atta Mills demanded proof of this statement or Amidu’s resignation.

The article adds:

It appears Mr Amidu has not met the president's demand and the axe has been brought on him.The AG’s statement attracted a sharply divided opinion – while members of the governing NDC’s communications team, riled by the statement, called for his immediate resignation or dismissal, anti-graft agencies and some opposition elements insisted Mr Amidu needed to be allowed to stay to prosecute the people he claimed were committing crimes against the state.

Felix Kwakye Ofosu, a member of the NDC communications team who felt insulted by Mr Amidu’s statement that “The ethics of a legal profession and the Bar, of which I am a leader, are more sacred to me than that of young and inexperienced members of a communication team of the NDC who are absolutely ignorant of the functions of an Attorney-General under the Constitution of Ghana,” said the AG’s position in government had become untenable and that he must resign.

Pro-government newspapers – Daily Post; the Informer; the National Democrat; the Ghanaian Lens – described by Mr Amidu as “perverse” and “rented NDC press” joined the calls for the AG’s dismissal with a unanimous banner headline, “A-G Martin Amidu Must Go!”

Opposition elements hailed the AG’s bravery and forthrightness.

Mr. Amidu’s story has stirred emotions in individuals beyond government and media circles. MyJoyOnline’s report of his dismissal received 380 comments from readers, mostly in support of Mr. Amidu.

One comment, by Sir Stefan Klinke reads:

Some of you just need to stop! Has it ever occurred to you that we're being hood-winked? How can a whole A-G, a lawyer of high repute not have evidence. As a lawyer he knows that that's the first thing thats needed: EVIDENCE!
I think he had the evidence but was asked not to continue pursuing Woyome! He had ALL the evidence in hand and was sacked because he didn't want to back down! The evidence made A LOT of people at the presidency uncomfortable. That's it!
Those of you , eg. Yao and Dzifa et al, still supporting this gargantuan crime against Ghana just because its about the NDC: You're suffering from intellectual dishonesty! Take your heads out of the sand and stare reality and truth in the face for once! Had this been NPP time you guys would be crying WOLF from the rooftops!

Kofi Nyank says:

The crime of Hon. Amidu was that he went out to embarrass the very people Egya Atta does not want to embarrass. Egya Atta you can conceal the “gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana” but December will come soon. “The inescapable fact is that at the end of the day truth will prevail over falsehood in the Republic of Ghana”. Hon. Amidu God bless you for being there for Ghana. You are a true Patriot. “The charlatans in political disguise” will be uncovered. As for Egya Atta, he is the chief Hypocrite. God is watching and Ghanaians will see the kind of legacy he leaves for posterity.

Yaw says:

Sad sad day for Ghana in its fight against corruption. This is merely a cover up for the massive rot in the NDC government and Martin is a scapegoat. I hope his fight goes on even out of government-he should have the courage to come out with the evidence to expose who are looting state coffers through Woyome. As for Atta Mills I pity him-The small boys are kicking around like a football.

On a Facebook public profile page created for the former Attorney General (it is unclear whether he endorses it),  a follower asks others why he was fired. Lisa Quarshie replies:

Political suicide. In Africa you never ever speak against your party if you want to remain in position. If you're a common floor member that's fine. But when the party has favored you among many to make you minister you shut up and kowtow no matter how offended you are. Sad but true.

Samuel Kissiedu also leaves a statement on Mr. Amidu’s fan page to open up a discussion:

Martin Amidu at crossroads: party or country. When there are “gargantuan crimes against the people of Ghana” must a minister “say it loud” to the entire nation or whisper in the ears of the Prez? Your comments.

Emmanuel Asiedu Acheampong responds:

If you think the prez is aware of it, and is not doing anything about it, my bro, SAY IT ALOUD!

Yuri Schenkov responds to the news with this statement:

Well i think the president could have acted more smarter than to dance to the whimsical noises by small flies within his administration. For me the fact that top gurus in the party and i mean the matured ones not the Felix Kwakye’s and co never commented on the issue should tell you a lot about the caliber of the person Martin Amidu is. It’s rather unfortunate a flimsy excuse has been given for his dismissal but what can we say he is the president so until 7th December 2012 that i can exercise my franchise to kick him out i remain quiet.

Twitter is still ablaze with tweets about the dismissal:

@SamuelObour: Fired A-G, Martin Amidu, reportedly told President Mills “point blank” that he would never resign, or leave office unless Mills sacked him.

@lexisbill: So Attorney General, Martin Amidu didn't know he had been sacked until his driver alerted him that they are talking about him on the radio

@nii_ayertey: State Attorney, Martin Amidu, dug his own grave. Apparently he was the one trying to conceal ministers in cabinet who have committed crimes.

The dismissed Attorney General Martin Amidu has sent a note of caution to government to stop peddling falsehood about him or he would be compelled to spill the beans.

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