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  • Arab people,if you do not want the U.S. to be in your part of the world then you must first understand that the average U.S. citizen does not want to have any dealings with your lands either.That being said you must understand that our nation is ruled not by politicians so much as it is ruled by money,and the robber barons that control the money.They rule the un-informed by lies and propaganda just as do rulers in middle eastern countries.So if you do not want to deal with americans you must convince your own greedy leaders that you do not wish to have anymore oil pumped from under your lands and sold to anyone for at least fifty years.This action alone would force upon the United States the need for finding a new source of energy for the machines that our society is totally dependent upon.The United States would then be forced to spend so much of it’s gross domestic product overhauling it’s infrastucture that we would be nearly powerless to maintain a military presence in the middle east due to political backlash at home.The only reason that our nation is even in your part of the world is because of OIL! The only reason that your rulers allow us to be there is because of GREED!You do not need the United States for money if you utilize your own natural resources there for the benefit of your own societies.Energy is the primary motivator for industrial growth and sustainability.Energy that you have in abundance would allow your nations to do more for the common man instead of a few select self appointed rulers who continue to hold you back by promoting dissention among yourselves and by using religeon as a tool to keep you from a higher awareness of what is possible for your people as a whole.My people would then rise up against the ruling class here and demand changes in the way things are done here as well.When our nation imposes sanctions upon other countries the sanctions are all dependent upon market conditions and so you must all realize that you too can impose sanctions of your own.You could block the sale of oil to western nations as a type of sanction.You could then begin to see your nations trade only amongst themselves in their own economic bloc and build you own industrial bases for trade between yourselves.First you must get rid of all the “ROYALS” and refuse to ever again be controlled by those who consider themselves as better than the average citizen.Second ly you should consider restricting the influence of religeous clerics upon gov.t action and control,and third you must build more schools and universities to educate the masses of your people.In time you will be the masters of your own destiny.During this same time of change the U.S. will be forced to retreat in upon itself to regroup and figure out how to power it’s own society with new technology that it will have to invent.Remember to free yourselves from having any dealings with those who you do not wish to be acquanted with you must remove the incentives that they have for being there in the first place.Oil brought our people together 90 years ago and a lack of access to that oil will make us go away.

    • Vince

      @Vicki, This is by far, the most interesting thing i have read all week, and i have been reading a lot. You got a lot of points there, however, things are not that simple in the ME. Even when the people revolt, and even after change, things will tend to get back to as they were. You see, it is in our society to form clans and parties and to do whatever it takes to eliminate others. That is , either by having allies on an local but also international basis. Your plan seems to work, if you see it in a simple manner, or even in any other place in the world. Reformation is a complex matter here, and i believe it will never change.

  • freedomfighter

    death to all muslims starting with obama…..الموت لجميع المسلمين بدءا من أوباما!

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