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Macedonia: Christmas Tree Made of Plastic Bottles

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Lithuania, Macedonia, Citizen Media, Environment

Inspired by the example [1] of Kaunas [2], Lithuania, Macedonian Twitter users [3] made a Christmas tree from plastic bottles [4] at the Skopje [5] City Park on Dec. 25, to raise awareness of everyone's responsibility for the environment. The action's organizers used their blogs [mk [6], mk [7], mk [8], mk [9]] as a starting point for the quick social media campaign #елкамк [10] (elka = a fir tree [11]). The tree has remained in place during the night [12], and if the poor people who gather plastic from the streets and garbage dumpsters for recycling don't harvest it, the authors plan [13] [mk] to properly dispose of it after the New Year's.