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14 December 2011

Stories from 14 December 2011

Cuba: Defining “Vulgarity”

Cuba: Food History

Jamaica: So What About the Spy Plane?

Nepal: Government Expels UN Human Rights Watchdog

Pakistan: A Holistic View On The SMS Content Filtering Saga

Iran: Where Is My Classmate?

Several empty chairs in Iran's universities were formerly occupied by students who have now vanished or been expelled. This year Tahkim Vahdat, a leading student protest group, called for an...

Mexico: Applications Open for The School of Authentic Journalism 2012

Iran: Fire department rescues baby lion

Zimbabwe: Outrage as Octogenarian Mugabe Eyes 2012 Election

ZANU-PF has endorsed Robert Mugabe as their candidate for Zimbabwe's presidential election expected next year. If it happens, Mugabe will be 88 years old and Africa’s second oldest person to...

USA: Has NASA Discovered a Life-Friendly Planet?

NASA has announced the Kepler Space Telescope discovery of Kepler-22b, a planet within the right distance of its star for potentially having a habitable temperature. Science bloggers have reacted to...

North Korea Warns South Over Lighting of Christmas Tree

South Korea: Former Comfort Women Held 1000th Protest

How big is China’s social media and digital market?

Bangladesh: Restriction In The Hills

Mexico: Two Students Killed During Protest in Ayotzinapa

Two students from a rural school were killed during a protest in Ayotzinapa, Chilpancingo, the capital of the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Contradicting versions of the events have been published...

Argentina's Corruption Problem

Honduran Journalist Protest Against Violence

Peru: Bloggers Report Police Harassment During Discussion Group about Conga Mining Project

Armenia: More Online Diplomacy

Peru: Protests Against Mining in Videos, Part II

Recent protests against the environmental damage caused by mining in Peru have sparked plenty of audiovisual material. In this second post of a two-part series, Juan Arellano highlights what citizens,...

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