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Palestine: Gazans Sleep and Wake Up to the Sound of Explosions

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The world's silence at the regular attacks on Gaza has drawn the ire of netizens on Twitter, who have charged that the world no longer views Palestinians as human beings.

Abou Charlie notes:

@Abou_Charlie [1]: It's a good thing Palestinians aren't human, otherwise you might have to care #Gaza is being bombed right now. What an inconvenience!

Tunisian Tounsia Hourra (A Free Tunisian) offers [ar]:

قصف غزة أمر عادي الكل نيام الآن لا تزعجوهم بهذا الخبر القديم البائت ,,انتظروا جمعة نصرة فلسطين وتحرير القدس والزحف للدفاع عن الأقصى ‎#Gaza
@tounisiahourra [2]: Bombing Gaza has become something normal. Everyone sleeps now. Don't bother yourself with this old stale news. Wait for the Friday of support for Palestine, the Liberation of Jerusalem and the march to defend Al Aqsa

And Leil-Zahra Mortada adds:

@LeilZahra [3]: news of explosions & injured from #Gaza – nothing in mainstream media still, but tweeps from there sounding the alarm! #Palestine

These reactions followed news of an Israel attack on the Gaza Strip, early this morning, which resulted in one dead and five injuries. All are said to be members of the Al Quds Brigades [4], the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

From Gaza, blogger [5] Omar, who describes himself as a journalist and peace activist, kept us updated during the attack via his Twitter account. He explained:

@Omar_Gaza [6]: Just heard an explosion! #Gaza

Then added:

@Omar_Gaza [7]: Now hearing ambulances after that huge explosion! #Gaza

And continued:

@Omar_Gaza [8]: Hearing 2 many sirens! #Gaza

Dima, also from Gaza, tweeted her experience during the raid. She wrote:

@dimaeleiwa [9]: and i can hear Israeli warplanes flying over #Gaza … sweet a bombing night !!!

And added:

@dimaeleiwa [10]: what i hate about the “bombing nights” is that if i go to sleep an explosion might wake me up !! #Gaza

We don't know how Dima's night went, but this morning, she tweeted:

@dimaeleiwa [11]: thank you F16 for waking me up :/ ~~ #Gaza


@dimaeleiwa [12]: i hear a gun shooting #Sigh #Gaza

Her latest tweet says:

@dimaeleiwa [13]: #ThingsThatShouldSTOP Bombing #Gaza and killing innocent people !