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Russia: Massive DDoS Attacks Against Independent Websites on the Election Day

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Breaking News, Elections, Freedom of Speech, Politics, RuNet Echo

An unprecedented wave of DDoS attacks [1] [ru] against independent websites on the election day in Russia: sites affected include thenewtimes.ru, echo.msk.ru, novayagazeta.ru, kommersant.ru, publicpost.ru, slon.ru, Bolshoy Gorod (bg.ru), golos.org, ikso.org, ridus.ru, zaks.ru (Saint Petersburg), pryaniki.org (Tula), crowdsourcing platform “Karta Narusheniy” and the LiveJournal platform. Many media organizations are using Facebook and Twitter to continue distributing information. Some of the activities [2] [ru] are taking place in Vkontakte social network. “Golos” tried to collect reports about falsification with GoogleDocs, but it was also shut down. Anton Nossik from LiveJournal compares [3] [ru] the attack to the Soviet efforts to block foreign radio broadcasting. Despite the attack, RuNet is full of reports and videos about voting violations.