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Ukraine: Government Gives In to Pressure, Bans Killing of Stray Dogs

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Ukraine, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Environment, Governance, International Relations, Law, Protest, Sport

On Oct. 22, Vasyl Pawlowsky wrote about the often “sadistic” ways of getting rid of stray dogs in Ukraine [1] ahead of the Euro 2012 Football Championship. Tell Ukraine to Stop Burning Animals Alive [2] petition now has 496,177 signatures; the goal is 750,000. At least two Facebook groups were set up to draw attention to the issue: STOP KILLING DOGS – EURO 2012 IN UKRAINE [3] and Stop the Animal Killing, Boycott Euro-2012 [4]. As a result of these initiatives and the pressure from UEFA [5] and other entities [6], the Ukrainian government announced “an immediate ban on the killing of stray dogs” on Nov. 17.