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16 November 2011

Stories from 16 November 2011

Guinea: A Guide to Flirting in Conakry

Russia: Hidden Camera Reveals Illegal Electioneering in School

RuNet Echo

A scandal caused by a hidden camera recording at a school in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, has highlighted a serious problem in Russian schools: teachers campaigning for the ruling United Russia party.

Peru: Reflecting on Anti-Mining Protests

Peruvian bloggers reflect on recent protests and social conflicts related to environmental problems caused by mining, and the influence these problems might have on the future actions of the government...

Brazil: Online Campaign to Protect Xingu Against Belo Monte

Cuba: The Church, The Government & The Dissidents

Trinidad & Tobago: Bull S**t Artists

Bermuda: “Occupy” Movement at its End

Haiti: Cholera Compensation or Opportunism?

Trinidad & Tobago: Fight at Project Launch

Cuba: Honouring the Island's Patron Saint

Honduras: National Popular Resistance Front Forms New Political Party

Chile: Changes in University Student Leadership

El Salvador: A Sustainable Alternative to GMO Crops

Kuwait: Video Campaign to Teach Citizens about the Constitution

To mark the 49th anniversary of the Kuwaiti constitution, a group of activists decided to remind citizens of the different clauses of the constitution. Under the theme of Tadry [ar]...

Zambia: Porn Video Sparks Debate on Gender, Culture and Morality

A video clip of a young female student at one of Zambia’s expensive colleges having sex with her boyfriend has surfaced on a hardcore pornography website. The case has generated...

Russia: Official List of Extremist (Forbidden) Materials Grows Over 1000 Items

Greece: Send Your Tale of the Financial Crisis

Greece: Giving Aid to Inmates of Elaionas Women's Prison

Egypt: Commemorating 40 Years of Pope Shenouda on Twitter

Egyptian Copts, among others, decided to criticize Pope Shenouda III on the occasion of his 40th Ordination anniversary. The anniversary coincided with the end of the 40 day mourning period...

United States: What Your Kids Talk About on Facebook