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15 November 2011

Stories from 15 November 2011

Macedonia: Anglophone Online News Sources

Slovenia: Photography Under Legal Attack

Central African Republic: A Blogger Weary of Marches for Great Causes

Algeria: A News Site's Founder on the State of Citizen Media

Thalia Rahme interviews Fayçal Anseur, founder of Algerian news site Algérie-Focus about the site's goals and the state of citizen media in Algeria.

Eurozone Crisis: Where Will the Economy Go?

Economists would be hard pressed to forecast the future of Europe's bailouts and the consequences of the current financial crisis. While opinions differ, reactions abound online to try to make...

Cuba: “Antunez'” Wife Tries To Reach Hospital

Trinidad & Tobago: You're No Batman

Cuba: Illegal Internet Access

Puerto Rico: Homicide Rate

Barbados: Contemporary Caribbean Art

UAE: Detained Activists Begin Hunger Strike

Five activists held in the UAE since April and currently standing trial for publishing material online, using aliases, have started an open-ended hunger strike to draw attention to their plight...

Mexico: Citizen Detained Over Politician Helicopter Crash Joke Tweet

The Mexican Twittersphere exploded on November 13 demanding the release of Mario Flores, who was detained without an arrest order allegedly because of a joke he tweeted last Thursday, November...

North Korea: Did Gaddafi's Execution Scare Kim Jong-il?

Joo Sung-ha is a North Korean defector-turned-journalist who also blogs. This post is his critique of numerous news reports suggesting Kim Jong-il, North Korean dictator was scared to hear of...

Nicaragua: Opposition Youth Affected by Hacktivism

Honduras: Police Corruption

“Twitteristan”, a Country Where Everyone Talks but Few Listen

Ethiopia: Terrorists of Ethiopia Unite!

"Terrorists of Ethiopia Unite!," wrote one Ethiopian netizen following the latest terrorism charges against 24 Ethiopians, including senior opposition politicians and an outspoken online journalist. The charges have received condemnation...

Malawi: Meet Global Voices Author Steve Sharra

Linda Annan talks to Malawian Global Voices Author Steve Sharra. Sharra is a blogger, freelance journalist, lecturer and educational editor. In this interview, Steve Sharra talks about the Malawian social...

Europe: What Facebook Knows About You

Sri Lanka: Perils Of Promising Jobs

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