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Poland: Bloggers React to the Death of Popular TV Show Character

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Poland, Citizen Media, Film

Kominek [1] [pl] summarizes bloggers’ reactions to the death of Hanka Mostowiak [2] [pl], a fictional character of one of the biggest TV hits ever in Poland, a soap opera called “M jak Miłość [3]” (“L for Love”) [en]. In episode 862, Hanka dies in a car accident (as the actress who played her – Małgorzata Kożuchowska – had decided to leave the TV production). In the past months, the tabloid press has made quite an event out of Hanka's fate, leading bloggers to record one-minute videos called “A minute of silence for Hanka Mostowiak” to show that too much attention was given to this fictional event.