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Taiwan: Updates from “Occupy Taipei”

Categories: East Asia, Taiwan (ROC), Citizen Media, Protest, War & Conflict, Youth

Green Party member and active participant of Occupy Taipei MingWangX(王鐘銘) updates the recent activities of the movement [1]: “On the 15th day, 10/28, the police and the park administrators came again and tried to confiscate the tents for the 3rd time. They didn’t succeed because the member in one of the tents refused to leave even though the poles were stripped and the tent toppled. …That night, Occupy Taipei showed an open-air movie, “Capitalism, A Love Story.” The Occupy Taipei members held a meeting after the movie and decided to stay in the park and keep this movement going. There will be a 2-day event on 11/11-12, including movie, open-space conference, camping, barter market.”