Greece: The Prime Minister at Cannes, A Referendum And The 6th Tranche

Greek PM George Papandreou at the G20 Summit in Cannes. Photo by Flickr user francediplomatie (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Greek PM Giorgos Papandreou attended the G20 summit at Cannes to negotiate the upcoming 6th tranche of the bailout fund for the Greek economy, as well as the referendum he had announced.

French PM Sarkozy and German Chancellor Merkel stated [el] that “the Greek referendum must address the question of whether Greece wants to remain in the Eurozone or not”, while the deadline was set [el] for December 4th. German chancellor Merkel declared that “the 6th tranche will not be disbursed if Greece does not respect the October deal.”

The official Twitter account of the Greek PM announced [el]:

We are members of the Eurozone, we have rights and obligations. The Greek people possesses the wisdom to make the right decisions

Returning from Cannes on November 3rd, Greek VIce President and Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, made a statement at 5am. Among other things, he declared [el]:

Greece's position in the Eurozone is an undeniable historic achievement of the country. This achievement of the Greek people cannot depend on a referendum.


Political correlations within the country and future of political individuals and parties are not important; what is important is the country's rescue and recovery through the only feasible procedure included in the decision made on October 26th.

Since last night, Internet reactions were immediate and various, mainly in Twitter.

Dr Teddy commented [el] on the announcement time by Venizelos:

@doctor_teddy: Venizelos made an announcement at 5 a.m. in the morning??!! While you were sleeping…that's what it means…

Nikos from France says [fr]:

@smykos: Merkozy (Merkel and Sarkozy) decide which question will be included in Greek referendum: yes/no to euro. Gift: 8 million euros cheque for the right answer

While he adds [fr] his opinion:

@smykos: Papandreou enjoys his last hours as PM. The referendum killed him

Panagiotis Vryonis highlights [el] that the country has reached a dead-end and lacks alternative choices:

@vrypan: Merkel announcements made clear what many people found difficult to see or say: we don't have much choices. Let's choose Yes or No.

While Magica from Thessaloniki criticizes [el] the match between euro and Papandreou government:

@magicasland: that's what it means “we were caught asleep”. while Greece was sleeping, GAP [short for George A. Papandreou] decided that we must see his face every day in order to still have euro [as currency].

And she concludes [el]:

@vrypan this is not a referendum, it's pure extortion

Cyberela wonders [el] how IMF can express its opinion about a Greek state's case:

@Cyberela: IMF demands that the referendum question must be this. IMF has sovereign rights over our country without any parliamentary seat.

N. Sfikas poses [el] the “true dilemma” of the referendum:

do you want to live as a slave with 300€ or as a free man with 300 drachmas?

Stratos from Athens criticizes [el] all those that declare to be deceived and victims of the previous notorious PM statement that “Money exist”:

@stratosathens: Whoever says he got deceived from “Money exist” statement, don't dare to say tomorrow you got deceived by “I will re-negotiate”. Read the translation.

Giorgos Panagopoulos displays [el] another different perspective [el], in case Greece exits Eurozone and returns to drachma:

@georgethebeast ok, let's go with drachma…for internal market, it will do only good, because you won't be able to import like a crazy one any more…

Because Greece indeed ended to import even LEMONS from other countries…I didn't see you protest that time…just an example

SotoMi wonders [el] about the government:

@sotomi: perhaps we should stay without government for a while? Like in Belgium? #xeirotera_apokleietai [“as worse as it gets”]

Users Dr. Reason and Anemos Naftilos conclude [el], with Dr. Reason a bit more cynical [el]:

@AnemosNaftilos: Throughout the post-war history of the country, there hasn't been such an extortion and such a devastated dignity for Greece ever before

@DoctorReason: Fortunately I don't have any motherland to feel humiliated by.

Today in the morning, on November 3rd, the Prime Minister announced via Twitter [el] hat Ministers’ Council will convene in the Parliament at noon.

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