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Russia: November 4th – a Day of Marches

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Citizen Media, Ethnicity & Race, Media & Journalism, Politics, RuNet Echo

Ridus.ru, citizen media platform, provides an extensive coverage (photos, reports, streaming videos) of 4 marches: “Russian march [1]” [ru] (anti-government, nationalist; ~6,000 participants), “Russian imperial march” [2] [ru] (pro-government, nationalist; ~300 participants), Anti-fascist march [3] [ru] (anti-nationalism, anti-capitalist; ~200 participants), “United Russia” march [4] dedicated to the Day of Peoples Unity (pro-government, ~10,000 participants). Maya Shelkovnikova, photoreporter from Novosibirsk, posts pictures [5] [ru] from the “Russian march” in her city.