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Argentina: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Re-Elected President

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Presidential elections [1] held in Argentina on October 23, 2011, resulted in a sweeping victory for current President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner [2], according to preliminary results. [3] (See Global Voices’ post [4] on the primary elections [5] held in August to determine the candidates for public office).

Exit poll results began to emerge when the polls closed at 6:00pm, although these results were not official. At 9:00pm a website [3] with official results went live. At the time of writing this port, the current President is leading by a landslide victory of 53%, followed by Dr. Hermes Binner [6], the candidate of the Progressive Broad Front [7] (Frente Amplio Progresista), with 17%.

On Twitter, which was widely used by candidates and citizens during the campaign, several related trending topics emerged. One hashtag that became a local trending topic was #cristinazo, [8] alluding to the number of votes favoring the President.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Photo: Laura Schneider [9]

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Photo: Laura Schneider

@TwGobierno writes [10] [es]:

Hay censura en Twitter, #cristinazo [11] tiene mas Tweets que #binnerazo [12] y no es TT… #twittercensura [13] (difundir cumpas)

There is censorship on Twitter, #cristinazo [11] has more tweets than #binnerazo [12] and it is not a Trending Topic #twittercensura [13] (spread the word)

Daniela (@DaniK_dorada) celebrates [14] [es]:

Llora llora llora la derecha xk los pibes tamos de fiesta! #cristinazo [11]#plazademayo [15]

The Right cries, cries, cries because we are celebrating! #cristinazo [11]#plazademayo [15]

The hashtag #yonolavote [16] (“I didn't vote for her), used by those who didn't cast their vote for Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, also became a local Trending Topic.

Daiana Varetti (day_varetti) comments [17] [es]:

que raro que el 1er TT sea #yonolavote [18] y gano cn el 52 % de los votos.. yo tengo mi conciencia limpia y digo verdaderamente que #yonolavote [18]

it's weird that the first trending topic is #yonolavote [18] and she won with 52% of the votes… I have a clean conscience and admit that #yonolavote [18] [I didn't vote for her]

Cintia V Rojas (@CintiaVRojas) says [19] [es]:

que bueno q #yonolavote [18] sea tt porq significa q todavia qda gente cuerda!!!

it's good that #yonolavote [18] is a trending topic, because it means that there are still sane people!

Other local Twitter Trending Topics were #Vicepresidente [20] (“Vice president) and #hablacristina [21] (“Cristina speaks”).

The main opposition force in these elections also got their Trending Topic. Netizens used #binnerazo [22] to refer to Hermes Binner, who in a few months of presidential campaigning managed to become the second largest political force in the country, although far from the first.

Hermes Binner with Cristina F. de Kirchner. Photo: Laura Schneider [23]

Hermes Binner with Cristina F. de Kirchner. Photo: Laura Schneider

Javier Alejandro (@Jmaitre) offers encouraging words to Binner followers [24] [es]:

Vamos el socialismo, va creciendo en todo el pais #Binnerazo [25]

Go socialism, it is growing throughout the country #Binnerazo [25]

While Mariana Calvo (@maariC) shows her disappointment [26] [es]:

yo no estoy contenta tendria que haber ganado binner #binnerazo [12]

I am not happy, Binner should've won #binnerazo [12]

Final results will be announced during the week, although the trend shown in preliminary results is not expected to change. Nevertheless, Aldana Formigo [27] (@AldanaFormigo) [es] reflects the thoughts of many Argentinians:

Muy feliz de ser participe de está democracia! #Cristinazo [28]

Happy to participate in this democracy! #Cristinazo [28]
Thumbnail image shows supporters celebrating the re-election of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as Argentina's president. Image by Patricio Murphy [29], copyright Demotix (23/11/2011).