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Jordan: New Government, Expectations and Hope!

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Jordan saw the appointment of a new prime minister today after the majority of parliamentarians sent a letter to King Abdullah, pointing out grievances with Dr Marouf Bakhit's government. Bakhit submitted his resignation, which was accepted by the King.

In addition to the MPs letter, Bakhit's ouster was the result of widespread anti-government protests which have been taking place in the kingdom since his appointment. Replacing Marouf Bakhit is Awn Khasawneh [1], an international judge.

Netizens have already reacted to today's fast paced developments on Twitter. Jordanian Fadi Samara expressed his disappointment with the constant reshuffling in cabinet positions.

@Fadisamara: [2] Woke up to a new Government in #Jordan. Who is this Khasawneh? When will this destructive reshuffling act stop?

Mohammad Abandah is happy and optimistic with the changes. He noted [ar]:

أنا سعيد ومتفائل جدا بتعيين دولة عون الخصاونة رئيسا للوزارء في الأردن فهو شخص شريف مثقف ومشهود له بالإخلاص للوطن الحق والعدالة

@MoAbandah [3]: I'm happy and very optimistic because Awn Khasawnah was appointed Prime Minister in Jordan, he's a honorable person, educated and known for his loyalty to the homeland and to the truth and justice.

Ghiya Rushidat is loving the suspense accompanying all what's going on in the Jordanian political scene. She remarked:

@GhiyaRushidat [4]: Love the suspense of new government & anticipate ministry of culture, education, foreign affairs, interior & social development

Naseem Tarawnah wanted more changes. He said:

@tarawnah [5]: I wonder if aside from these senior positions, whether we'll see massive overhaul of middle-management in Jordan's public sector.

And Anas H. Natour was surprised. He tweeted [ar]:

والله ما نمت غير ساعتين .. صحيت البلد كلها مقلوبة
@AnasNatour: [6] I swear i only slept 2 hours, i woke up finding that the country is upside down!
Thumbnail image of Jordan flag by Flickr user Argenberg [7] (CC BY 2.0).