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Iran: “Stranger than Fiction” Saudi Ambassador Plot Accusations

Accusations of an Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's ambassador in the United States has captured the front page of websites and newspapers around the world. The U.S. Department of Justice has announced charges accusing two Iranians of trying to hire who they believed was a member of a Mexican drug gang to assassinate the Saudi ambassador. Iran denies the charges. Iranian blogger opinions on this “stranger than fiction” story are diverse as ever.

Faryad 22 Khordad says [fa]:

Some in Balatarin [a popular Iranian link-sharing website] say US accusations regarding Iran, are false and just illusions. May foreign experts call these accusations illusionary because they do not have clear idea about the rulers in Iran. But we Iranians know who are governing the country, and reason and rationality have no place here… They want to show they are able to create insecurity in the USA.

Azadi o Abadi writes [fa]:

Sometimes writing is very difficult but it is the least thing we can do… the plot story has made lot of noise in media and right-wing American politicians are talking about war. There are some experts talking about this story in the media who cannot even find this country on the map. If they themselves cannot find Iran on the map, smart bombs and missiles will be able to… As a citizen in Iran, I should say war nor Iran's occupation will not benefit anybody. Not Iranians nor any one else on this world.

The blogger adds any [Iranians] who wish for Iran to get attacked are traitors.

Mosbate1000 writes [fa]:

Today is 11 September for Iran and finally USA decided to confront the Islamic Republic… When reformists were in power, they sent a message to the world that the Iranian state is a tolerated regime but when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power, it was the end of that tolerance… Sooner or later, we will witness the end of Iran's brutal and corrupted regime.

Shoorezar writes [fa]

This plot story looks more like Hollywood movies than reality… the Iranian state has repressed Iranians, organized terrorist attacks, but the elements of this plot story do not reflect reality… In the past Iran did not get involved with terrorist acts that did not have any benefits for themselves.

Arjensan writes with irony that now there should be now an advertisement in Iran: “We need some American tourists to get arrested and to confess about spying.”

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