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Colombia: You Can Copy This Creative Commons Film Festival

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The Creative Commons Audiovisual Festival [1]will be taking place in Barranquilla and Medellin later this month. You can still experience it even if you aren't in Colombia by requesting to Copy the Festival [2], and getting a full package to replicate the festival, including films, talks and contact information for directors and panelists.

Poster for the Creative Commons Audiovisual Festival [3]

Poster for the Creative Commons Audiovisual Festival

But if you just want to see what they're up to, the organizers are also streaming live video [4] from the speaker panels and other activities.

Primer Festival Audiovisual Creative Commons [5] from Festival Audiovisual CC [6] on Vimeo [7].

Creative Commons [8] (CC) are a series of rights for authors and creators which are more flexible than copyright. They allow the authors to determine which uses can be given to their work, allowing for a greater flexibility at the moment of spreading the content. Thanks to these licenses, new models for production and distribution of audiovisual material have appeared, where author and audiences are connected much closer together, leaving the middlemen to the side.

In Barranquilla [9] the festival is currently in full swing and through twitter updates [10] and a Facebook page [11] they are keeping people informed of the activities and the highlights of the different talks and screenings. On Friday [9], they'll have a selection of screenings for all Colombian Creative Commons films.

Posted earlier on Twitter by @FestiCCBquilla [12]:

Aburrid@? Sin plan? Sin dinero? Apuntate al mejor evento de estos dias @festiccbquilla es totalmente gratuito.

Bored? Without a plan? Without money? Join us at the best event these days, @festiccbquilla is totally free.

Promo Festival Audiovisual Creative Commons Barranquilla y Medellín 2011 [13] from Festival Audiovisual CC [6] on Vimeo [7].

Next week it'll be the turn of Medellin [14], which from October 18th to the 22nd will host the festival in different locations throughout the city such as the Pilot Public Library [15], restaurants and coffee shops as well as the Medellin Museum of Modern Art [16].

Promo Primer Festival Audiovisual Creative Commons Medellín [17] from Festival Audiovisual CC [6] on Vimeo [7].

You can follow them on twitter [18] and on Facebook [19] to keep updated on activities and panels. Speakers at the festival will discuss experiences in filmmaking and sharing, how to raise money using crowdfunding platforms, how to promote films through CC, and how to get mass media involved in alternative licensing among other topics.