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Global Voices Podcast 4: Together We Rise

Categories: Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, Western Europe, Greece, Guatemala, Tunisia, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Human Rights, Media & Journalism, Technology, Global Voices Podcast

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Hello world!

In this edition you’ll hear from blind Greek bloggers of our Rising Voices community, how Guatemalan citizen journalists are honing their skills for elections, and a preview of what's planned for the Arab Bloggers Summit co-hosted by Global Voices on October 3-6, 2011 in Tunisia.

Global Voices Podcast 4: Together We Rise [3] by globalvoices [4]

[5]Citizen Journalists in Guatemala

Vozz [5] is a citizen journalism training project in which young people in Guatemala [6] aged 16 to 24 learn how to be journalists. Kara Andrade of Vozz spoke to our Latin America regional editor Silvia Viñas [7] about covering the Guatemalan elections and turning a training scheme into a wider network for citizen engagement.

Blind Blogging in Greece

Following the closure of a school for the blind in Thessaloniki, Greece, the surrounding community decided to create a group blog and web radio show called Blind Dates [8]. The project is a grantee of our Rising Voices initiative [9] co-founded by Alexia Kalaitzi [10]. We chatted to Alexia about tools for blind blogging and how the economic crisis in Europe is affecting life for the blind and partially sighted. Thanks to the rapper – Kostas also for performing for us in this edition!

Arab Bloggers Summit in Tunisia

Global Voices will be co-hosting the 3rd Arab Bloggers Summit together with Nawaat [11] and the Heinrich Boell Foundation [12] on October 3-6, 2011 in Tunisia. Bloggers from nearly all Arab countries will meet to discuss digital activism and future perspectives. Since the last gathering in Beirut in 2010, many bloggers have played a prominent communication role in uprisings across the Middle East. Our managing editor Solana Larsen spoke to Sami Ben Gharbia, director of Global Voices Advocacy [13] about what is planned for the gathering in Tunisia.

The hashtag for the meeting is #AB11 [14] (recommended!) and the website is Arabloggers.com [15].

Thanks for listening!

That brings us to the end of another edition of the Global Voices podcast. We love hearing from you, so let us know what you liked or if there is anything special you would like to know about the community!

Music credits

In the podcast you can hear lots of lovely Creative Commons music. If you want to find out more about these artists here are the links for you. Thanks to Orb Gettarr [16] for the atmospheric Return of the Atlanteans Lemurian Candidate, to Mark Cotton [17] for his Spiritualized Homage, to Superbus [18] feat. NS [19] for Fujjad! Most of the music was found via OpSound.Org [20], The Free Music Archive [21] or direct from the artists. Thanks also to all of the wonderful voice over performances and clips that help to glue the podcast together.

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