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New Partnership Between Global Voices and El Colombiano

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[1] Global Voices in Spanish has a new agreement with a mass media outlet, newspaper El Colombiano [2] (The Colombian) [es], the leading [3] paper of the city of Medellin [4], Colombia, which will allow their readers to access Global Voices content in Spanish through a blog created for this purpose inside the EC-Blogger [5] section of the online version.

The blog is simply entitled Global Voices [6] and has been online since Sunday, September 18, 2011, with an article published daily.

The project has gained the enthusiastic support of various El Colombiano [2] employees, like Interaction Editor Catalina Montoya [7], journalists of the Interaction area Diego Agudelo [8] and Perla Toro [9], and technology reporter Estefania Botero [10], the person who initiated the contact.

On our side, team members of Global Voices in Spanish have collaborated to make this possible, especially Catalina Restrepo [11] and Adriana Gutierrez [12].

To can get an idea of the selected content for El Colombiano readers, here are the posts they have published up to now [es]:

Also, a small presentation post [22]:

Starting today, we will bring you the summaries of what Latin-American bloggers as well as those around the world are commenting, as well as notes on web activism, reports of ICTs entrepreneurships related with social and cultural topics, threat reports and freedom of speech assaults, and many other interesting notes.

We hope that this agreement will bring our global content to people that normally don't read us; content that is based on what netizens express through new media and social networks platforms, reported and analyzed by our authors. This will help El Colombiano readers get a taste of what is going on in the Internet world and among those who inhabit it.