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India: Bomb Blast Outside Delhi High Court Kills Nine

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At least nine people have been reported killed and over forty five injured  in a blast [1] outside the Delhi High Court earlier this morning. Apparently the high-intensity bomb was kept in a suitcase, though investigations are on to determine the exact source. Netizens reacted with shock and anger on Twitter.

@adityapatawari [2] – Blast at Delhi High Court! Consistent failure of security agencies! #delhi [3] #blast [4] #india [5] http://goo.gl/fb/Qu4Kt [6]

@adityapatawari [7]: Why there are alerts _after_ the blasts? Can't security agencies be on alert before the blasts and save the day? #delhi [3] #blast [4] #india [5]

@shekharkapur [8]: Reports coming in on a number of dead at high court blast in Delhi, terrible tragedy, once again terror hits India.

@ays7 [9]: Bomb blast outside Delhi High Court…..terror strikes again!!

The High Court of Delhi. Image from Flickr by Ramesh Lalwani (CC BY-NC 2.0). [10]

The High Court of Delhi. Image from Flickr by Ramesh Lalwani (CC BY-NC 2.0).

On Twitter, netizens have been posing a lot of questions:

@irfhabib [11]: Govt say no prior input on today's blast.Wasn't May 2011 minor blast enough to wake up the Delhi police?

@falguni [12]: Hearing reports of blasts in Delhi. Why is it becoming a habit to hear this news and the reaction is less intense every time?

@ghazalawahab [13]: Govt condemns the bomb blast at Delhi high court. That's the least it can do, or is it d best tht it can do?

@karthy [14]: If our internal security couldn't protect Delhi from #blast [4] how can they safegaurd other places.

@satyamnish [15]: Delhi Blast again…..horrible when our Gov will learn.

Prayers and opinions have been pouring in:

@jiteshpillaai [16]: A silent prayer for those who lost their lives in the delhi high court bomb blast. Prayers for the bereaved and injured. I'm so sorry.

@ashajkk [17]: Yet another blast in Delhi! Sad and Disgusting!

@testertested [18]: India celebrates its 10th bomb blast of 2011. This time in High court itself. Congrats! Way to go. #Delhi [19] HC #delhiblast [20] #congress [21]

@jnemana [22]: Bomb Blast in Delhi! HM's (Home Minister) address coming up. Hope he announces his Resignation accepting the Govt's incompetence in collecting intelligence.

Bloggers have also swung into action, tweeting, blogging [23] helpline numbers. Still others are requesting people to do their bit by using alternative means of communication for non-emergency purposes today, thereby keeping the phone lines free.

@MihirBijur [24]: If ur in Delhi, the 1st thing u hv 2do is NOT jam phone networks. Use SMS/E-MAIL/FACEBOOK/TWITTER 2communicate. #DelhiBlast PL RT