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Libya: Game Over Gaddafi

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This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011 [1].

Libyan revolutionaries are in Tripoli, the country's capital. The thrill is evident online, with Twitter abuzz with joy and jubilation as tweeps countdown the hours in which Gaddafi will leave power. Reports [2] are already circulating that the battalion responsible for his protection has surrendered and decided to lay down arms.

Foreign Policy‘s Blake Hounshell tweets:

: GAME OVER. #Libya

And Shabab Libya adds:

@ShababLibya [3]: Martyr's square formally known as ‘green’ square is now home to Freedom Fighters. Game Over

Tweeps are also sharing snippets of what they are watching on their TV screens of live footage from Tripoli.

Hind Hassan writes:

@hindhassan [4]: Can hardly hear @SkyNews Alex Crawford speak because of celebrations, sound of car horns, gunfire & fireworks behind her #Libya #Tripoli

NPR Senior Strategist Andy Carvin quotes Crawford:

@acarvin [5]: “They feel liberated. Fireworks going off, guns going off, truly an amazing site.” -Alex Crawford, Sky #libya

@acarvin [6]: Crawford: “This is going to be the biggest party tripoli has ever seen. Look at these people – do they seem worried?” #libya

The Guardian‘s Brian Whitaker has more news:

: Numerous reports claiming Said Gaddafi has been captured. Can't confirm. #libya

While Al Jazeera‘s Evan Hill has questions:

@evanchill [7]: So I'm heading into west Libya in a couple days. I wonder who'll be running the country by then.

Meanwhile, Cindy A. shares a sentiment we are all having tonight:

@Organica_ [8]: I wish there were more Libyans on Twitter. I'd give them all hugs. #Libya #Tripoli #Greensquare

Stay tuned for more updates from Libya.

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011 [1].