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2 August 2011

Stories from 2 August 2011

Moldova: Attack on Journalist Causes Online Debate on “Language Issue”

An incident of violence against a Moldovan journalist has brought about active online discussions regarding the long-protracted animosities between the Moldovan majority and the small Russian minority in the country.

Brazil: The Heterossexual Pride Day is Announced

Ukraine: Ten Little Politicians

Poland: Anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

Estonia: Defence Ministry Finances War Veterans?

Iran: A new event named “Khezbazi”

Russia: Exodus from LiveJournal Shows the Power of Networks

The latest Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (the second this year) on the most popular Russian blogging network, LiveJournal, has prompted a mass exodus of bloggers to different platforms and is significantly...

Mexico: ‘Vivir México’ Interviews Spanish Translation Manager About Blog Carnival

Latin America: Migrating to Another Latin American Country

Chile: 4 Years Since Aymara Woman Detained for Losing Son

Egypt: Scenes from Monday's Crackdown on Tahrir Square

The Muslim holy month Ramadan didn't begin well for Egyptians on Tahrir square in Cairo protesting for the numerous still unmet demands of the revolution. On Monday, 1 August 2011,...

Haiti: Fair Pay Needed for Honest Work

Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas: True Freedom

Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago: Flying High

Caribbean: TS Emily

Barbados, Cuba: Two Different Carnivals

Bermuda, Barbados: Good Governance Laws

Belarus: Interpreting the Law on Freedom of Assembly

China: Chemical Vinegar

A local report has revealed that 90% of vinegar in the market is produced by glacial acetic acid rather than grain. According to the report [zh] in the First Financial...

China: Chinese Shanzhai Products

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