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Global Voices Bloggers to Mentor Youth Activists from 10 Countries

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A group photo of the Blogger Swarm [1]

Members of the new Activista Blogger Swarm (pictured here) will each be working with a Global Voices mentor

Today we announce the names of 10 Global Voices bloggers and 11 activists who will be working together virtually over the next months as part of a new mentoring initiative developed by Global Voices and Activista [2], the youth network of international development organization, ActionAid [3].

Activista has selected activists from 10 countries on five continents to form part of a “Blogger Swarm” [1] which will be blogging on the Activista website over the next 12 months. Their goal is to get youth around the world involved in discussions about development, and especially food and climate justice.

The new bloggers have just completed an intensive workshop in Tanzania where they have been trained in journalism and technical skills, like video production.

Two years ago, 31 Global Voices bloggers mentored participants of another ActionAid workshop [4] in Denmark. One former mentee, Casper Knudsen, is now an organizer of the new Blogger Swarm.

Our hope is that the mentors will provide friendship, technical support, and feedback as they accompany the new bloggers on their journey into the online world.

Without further ado, here are the 10 new mentors and 11 mentees.

Global Voices Mentors | Activista Mentees

Best wishes to everyone!