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Argentina: What Irritates Argentinians?

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Far from the disappointment of losing in the Copa America 2011 [1] playoffs, where Argentinians will have to see whether Uruguay or Paraguay [2] will be crowned winner [since writing this post, Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 [3] in the Copa América final on Sunday, July 24], not only football [4] [es] irritates Argentinians these days. On July 22, the hashtag #irritante [5] [es] (#irritating) became a trending topic with protests and irritations about politics [es] [6], traffic [es] [7], neighbors [es] [8] and even family [es] [9] and social networks [es] [10].


During 2011, Argentina lives an election process [11][es] where several offices like president, governors, senators, congressmen and majors will be renewed. People's reactions are diverse. Gonzalo Ayala [12] (@gonzalomayala) is irritated by the current Chief of The Government of the City of Buenos Aires [13] [es] and candidate for reelection (he was also President of the famous football club Club Boca Juniors) [14], Mauricio Macri [15]:



Picture taken by Geronimo de Francenso, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

JP Saenz Valiente [18] (@Jpsaenzvaliente) doesn't like lies and proposes a candidate as a solution:

#irritante [16] es bancar que nos mientan. Para el gob k todos los problemas son sensaciones. Podemos cambiar y @eduardoduhalde [19] es el solucion

#irritating is to endure being lied to. For the k [Kirchner] gov every problem is just a sensation. We can change and @eduardoduhalde [19] is the solution

A much discussed case in Argentina was Ernestina Herrera de Noble's [20]. A case was about the adoption of two siblings and the possible relationship they might or might not have to the children of people disappeared during the military dictatorship. The investigation, that has been open for more than 5 years, finally made a genetic study with the Genetic Data Bank and the newspaper Los Andes [21] [es] comments the results:

La Justicia comprobó ayer que los perfiles genéticos de Marcela y Felipe Noble Herrera no coinciden con los de las dos familias querellantes en la causa por la filiación de los dos hermanos, lo que deja en claro que no tienen vínculo biológico.

Yesterday, Justice confirmed that the genetic profiles of Marcela and Felipe Noble Herrera do not match any of the two families that sued complaining they were relatives to the siblings, thus it is clearly stated they have no biological affinity.

On Twitter, an account named Ernestina [22] (@MmeErnestina) complained about the political ideology of her chauffeur and references the Genetic Data Bank:

Algo #irritante [16] es que mi chauffeur se declare peronista en pleno paseo por Recoleta. Eso no se limpia en ningún Banco de Datos Genéticos.

Something #irritating is that my chauffeur declares himself a Peronist right in the middle of Recoleta Av. That doesn't rinse off with any Genetic Data Bank.

Call Centers

But besides politics, this past afternoon of July 22 people were complaining about the call centers and waiting cues; like Héctor D´ipolito [23] (@hdippiros), who doesn't like phone sales:

#irritante [16]- los #Call [24] Center y la #Venta [25]telefonica,te llama una grabadora y te hace esperar hasta que te atienden.

#irritating – #Call Centers and #Sales by phone, you get called by an answering machine and it makes you wait until someone picks up.

And Pity [26] (@pitydg89) doesn't like to be kept waiting:

#irritante [16] esperar en los call center

#irritating waiting at call centers

The ‘drug model’

Recently, an Argentinean model was accused for attempting drug smuggling. On Friday, July 22, she was set freed and the newspaper Infobae [27] [es] said:

El abogado de Daiana Antivero, la modelo de 18 años procesada por tentativa de contrabando de drogas, explicó que la única prueba que tienen contra la joven, liberada esta mañana, es la llamada telefónica que realizó para reservar una habitación para las “mulas”

Daiana Antivero's lawyer, the 18 year old model indicted for attempting drug smuggling, explained that the only evidence they have against the young woman, freed this morning, is the phone call she made to make a reservation for the “mules”

Argentinians tweeted about this, like Maxi Lacrimoso [28] (@maxiLACRIMOSO), who said:

La MODELO NARCO bajando las escaleras de Tribunales.. Boludo, avisale que está procesada no es un desfile. La mina vió cámaras.. #irritante [16]

The DRUG MODEL stepping down the Courtroom stairway. Dude, someone tell her that she was indicted and that it is not a runway. The girl saw cameras… #irritating

And Mariano Mogni [29] (@marianomogni), irritated because of the same issue, told us:

#Irritante [30] es que a la pobre (?) modelo liberada le sigan diciendo “narcomodelo”. Ah, y que Sofía Gala sea TT también lo es.

#Irritating is that recently freed poor (?) model is still being called “drug model”. Ah, and that Sofia Gala is a TT is also irritating.

Daily life

But since it was Friday afternoon, most of the tweets were about daily life and about the things that can happen to all of us, like it or not: neighbors, in-laws [31] [es], internet service or just waking up early:

Flor Hadid (@FlorHadid): [32]

#irritante [16] que me levanten de la cama a los gritos

#irritating that they wake me up with yells

Agu Villalba (@AguuustiiinaAP): [33]

cuando me quedo sin internet eso es #irritante [16]

when I find myself without internet, that is #irritating

Luciana Beade (@lucianalemania): [34]

#irritante [16] ir por la calle APURADA y que justo ese dia haya gente que sale hasta por debajo de la tierra que no te deja pasar

#irritating walking down the street in a RUSH and that precisely that day people are coming out of nowhere and don't let you through

Lucho Manso (@luchomanso): [35]

@samanthaplza [36]: #irritante [16], literalmente, es el papel higiénico del baño de los boliches!//En el de hombres ni siquiera hay jajaja

#irritating, literally, is the toilet paper in discotheques!//in the men's room there is none hahaha

Florencia Paz (@Florpaaz): [37]

Viajar en el subte como un pan lactal es #irritante [16]

Traveling in the subway like a packed bread is #irritating

Is something irritating you? If so, remember to use the hashtag #irritante [5] to empty your chest.