Bangladesh: Sexual Assault By A Teacher Triggers Student Uprising

Recent events at the Viqarunnisa Noon School and College (VNC), a prestigious girls educational institution in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, has stirred much buzz in the Bangladeshi blogosphere. Porimol Joydhor, a teacher in the Bangla department of the school's Bashundhara campus, was accused of raping a female student of class ten at VNC while giving her private tuition.

According to reports Porimol recorded the incident in his mobile and threatened the victim that he would post it on the Internet if she divulged the matter. As the investigations began, more shocking information were revealed. The incident took place in late May 2011 and the school headmaster at Basundhara branch did not take any action against the teacher after the victim reported it in a letter.

Students hold placards denouncing sexual abuse at their school, as they gather at the Central Shaheed Minar. Image by Safin Ahmed. Copyright Demotix.

Students hold placards denouncing sexual abuse at their school, as they gather at the Central Shaheed Minar. Image by Safin Ahmed. Copyright Demotix.

Guardians alleged that because Porimol was a student leader of the ruling party the authorities ignored these allegations. When the news broke out in the media [bn] in early July the school governing body was put under a lot of pressure. Porimol was sacked and went into hiding. The committee also suspended two other teachers for their alleged misconduct with girl students.

The events and subsequent student protests caused much uproar in the country and more drama unfolded as the students continued their protest which led to the replacement of the school principal. The mainstream media was accused of using sensationalism and politicizing the events. But some students continued to share their sides of the story via blogs and Facebook.

Bloggers like Bengal Masud posted pictures of the protests and provided regular updates. He posted [bn] on July 6:

অবশেষে ব্লগ-ফেসবুক এবং রাজপথ এই ত্রিমুখী আন্দোলনে পরিমলকে গ্রেফতার করতে বাধ্য হয়েছে পুলিশ। বুধবার দুপুর ১২টার দিকে কেরাণীগঞ্জে এক আত্মীয়ের বাসা থেকে পরিমল জয়ধরকে গ্রেপ্তার করা হয়।

At last after the three-fold campaign via blogs, Facebook and street protests the police was forced to arrest Porimol. Wednesday (6 July) at around noon he was arrested from a relatives house in Keraniganj (near Dhaka).

The students were still in doubt whether the victim would get justice however, and continued with their protests. Their demands included:

  • All the accused should be brought to justice;
  • The school principal and the school management should clarify why they did not do anything against the accused;
  • The resignation of the school principal for protecting Porimol.

Many people became furious as the school principal was accused of saying that it was mutual sex. Xabir vents his anger [bn] at Amra Bondhu Blog:

আপনার কি জানা আছে মিউচুয়াল সেক্স হওয়ার জন্যে “কনসেন্ট” নামে একটা জিনিস লাগে। কিন্তু মহামান্যা মাথামোটা অধ্যক্ষা সাহেবা, ১৮ এর নিচে (ক্ষেত্র বিশেষে ১৬) একজন নাবালিকা কখনোই সম্মতি দিতে পারে না।

Do you know that “consent” is required for mutual sex? But dear **** principal, a minor girl below 18 (in some cases 16) can never give consent on her own.

Moreover, the blogger reveals that the section 5 of Sexual Offences Act (2003) says “a person commits an offense if he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person with his penis and the person is under aged.”

An anonymous ex-student of VNC recalls [bn] in her blog that her Alma mater was not like this. She posted [bn] on the 8 July about the student protests online and offline:

আমাদেরকে স্বীকার করতেই হবে যে, যে সব ছোট বোনেরা ফেসবুক এ ইভেন্ট খুলেছে তাদের উপর যথেষ্ট চাপ থাকবে কালকে।এতক্ষনে হয়তো আমাদের গায়ে মানে না আপনি মোড়ল; হোস্নে আরা বানু তোমাদেরকে টিসির ভয় দেখিয়েছেন। পুলিশ প্রশাসনও হয়তো কালকে ভাড়াটে গুন্ডার মতই ব্যাবহার করবে। তারা হয়তো আত্মরক্ষার জন্যই চাইলেও অনেক কিছু করতে পারবেনা। আমাদের সেই সব বোনদেরকে বলছি – আপুরা তোমরা একটুও ভয় পেয় না। আপুরা আছি, আপুরা তোমাদের সবার পাশে আছি।

We have to admit, those younger sisters who opened this Facebook event [dead link] will be under much pressure tomorrow. It might happen that the principal Hosne Ara Banu had already threatened them to expel from the school. The police may act like hired goons tomorrow. Those sisters may not be able to do much to be safe. But I am telling those sisters, please don't be afraid. We ex-students are with you together on this.

On 9 July the students of VNC along-with parents and ex-students formed a human chain demanding the resignation of the principal. Bengal Masud posted [bn] videos and pictures of the event.

Students hold placards denouncing sexual abuse at their school, VNC, Bangladesh. Image by safin ahmed, copyright Demotix (12/07/2011).

Students hold placards denouncing sexual abuse at their school, VNC, Bangladesh. Image by safin ahmed, copyright Demotix (12/07/2011).

Soon the protests gathered more support from other members of the civil society. Also many teachers from VNC joined [bn] in the protests.

Blogger Alim Al Rajee is posting [bn] regular updates on this. This Facebook page is also providing updates. Some students are providing updates [bn] on how the interim principal is being accused of belonging to a political party and how the girls are being threatened by different quarters.

Shimul Kibria at Choturmatrik Blog writes [bn] about the trend of blaming the victim in a rape incident; some are blaming the student of VNC rather than Porimol:

কিছু মানুষ তাদের পারিপার্শ্বিকতার নারীদের চিনেছে নিছক একটি ভোগ্যপণ্য হিসেবে। তাদের চিন্তামতে/বিবেচনায় নারী মাত্রই ক্ষুদ্র মননের, স্বল্প ক্ষমতার একটি প্রাণী যা আসলে পুরোপুরি পুরুষের অধীন!

Some people have learnt that women are only consumables. In their perspective women cannot think big, they have relatively less power and are completely submissive to men!

He continues:

প্রতিবাদ এখানেই শেষ নয়; পরিমল ও তার মদদ দাতাদের কঠোর বিচারকার্য নিশ্চিতকরণ, নারী ও শিশু নির্যাতন আইনের যথোপযুক্ত প্রয়োগ নিশ্চিতকরণের জন্যে এই মঞ্চ আরো এগিয়ে যাবে; এটা আমার মতো আরো লক্ষাধীক মানুষের প্রাণের চাওয়া।

The protests have not ended; we have to ensure justice for Porimol and his cohorts and ensure proper implementation of the women and children's act. To achieve these goals this platform should march forward, this is the demand of many thousands of people like me.


  • Badal

    VNC girls, you have stood up against the social injustice and perverts like Porimol Joydhor. Do not stand down or back up. You are courageous to come forward and demand justice. This is the first time in the history of the nation to see this kind of extra-ordinary happening like rising against social evils, sexual perverts and injustice.

    Unfortunately, there are numerous numbers of Porimol Joydhors in the educational institutions and the society as a whole. They are living cancers that destroy our innocent and vulnerable minors. These maniacs are ruthless, inhumane and barbarous. They are psychologically sick. The atrocities that they inflict on our minors in the educational institutions and academic areas are immeasurable and indespicable. This kind of heinous act must not be a new thing in the society. It must have been happening over and over again, and many, almost all incidents have gone unheard, and all the Joydhors are walking free. Victims have been silent and quite.., because it is a taboo! But I am glad it is not anymore. VNC girls have stood up for justice.

    Porimol Joydhor, what would you do, if your sister or daughter were sexually abused, assaulted or raped by her teacher? You can never give back to that girl what you have robbed from her! The destructions and damages that you have inflicted to a minor(s) are irreparable. You are a disgrace, and the lowest of the low class human animal.

    The Education Board must set up a system to have the background check of the teachers they want to hire. They must perform it periodically. According to the news report Porimol Joydhor was fired from another school before he joined the VNC. Parents and guardians need to be vigilant and perceptive on their minor children. Minors must not be left alone. Let me tell this very plainly, trust nobody leavening your minor children.

    VNC girls, look around you. You are not alone or helpless. You are active members of the society. You have female leaders in your country. Do not fall back. Bring all Porimol Joydhors to justice, and let them lose what they had the others lose – the dignity and humanity. This cancer must be rooted out totally.

    I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the victim and her family.

    Let us protect and save our children.

  • Lisa

    When teachers cross the line with students and destroy the teacher-student relationship, learning and the future of young generations suffers greatly. I cannot imagine not being able to trust a teacher.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to this courageous young woman.

    • Badal

      The society has been in denial for a l-o-n-g time. It was a taboo, and nobody should speak about it privately and publicly. It used be a shame and disgrace for the victim although this heinous act is against God and huminity, and it destroys the human life and dignity. It is ruthless, shameless and barbaric. There are no words that can really describe the magnitude of its effect. This is worst of the worsts.

      The VNC girl has broken the silence of centuries and even mellenniums. ‘The Genie Is Out of the Bottle’, is one of the stories of Alef Liala Owa Laila. The genie has escaped from the bottle, and no one can put it back. The research and study done by ‘Breaking the Silence’, a Child Rights based organization, are extremely alarming. I suggest the readers visit BTS website and see the datas and, information by themselves. There are hundreds and thusands of porimol Joydhors roaming freely accross the nation. They should be registered as Child sex abuser, molesters, rapists and pedophils, and monitored.

      This cancer need to be removed from the society ‘by any means necessary’ (quote from Malcom X). Let us save and protect our children.

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  • tara

    thank you so much for publishing this news. we the viqies(the student of viqarun nisa noon school and collage) are thanking you from the core of our heart.

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  • Robin Alom

    One nefarious Porimol may be punished .nothing matter.I think guardians are all responsible and major guilty for their’s daughters Rape. They are leaving their daughters in a lonely room with a teacher . Remember the teacher has Sexual affinity and the student also. And guardians also giving their daughters such a sexy dresses that OLD and Young men equally getting Horny.They are showing their bobs and in Computer she is enjoying a lot of PORN 100%. Stupid Guardians thinking she is learning computer in her room! It gives bad impression on mind and whenever she get chance she take it Fucked by BF or Driver Or young teacher.(in recent days lot of example making our BD girls) Gradually sexual assault will increase in our society like EUROPE and AMERICA.It’s called Free culture. In free culture girls are fucked freely in the name of Feminism. But alas! AIDS!!. In The USA 29,000,00, in INDIA 24,000,00 AIDS Patients( See Wikipedia) But in BD 0.000001%. As we fear
    ALLAH so try to control , as we love ALLAH. So we can’t be defeated . But if we follow
    EUROPE and AMERICAN culture Just wait to be a AIDS nation. thanks

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