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South Sudan: Messages of #LoveFromSudan

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This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].

On the eve of the independence of South Sudan [2], a group of young Sudanese started a movement that is trying to start a conversation between North and South to create mutual friendship between both sides and link young citizens of the two countries.

Mo Elzubeir [3] is the main person behind the #lovefromsudan [4]videos, audio and Twitter messages and is very active in promoting friendship and relationship between Sudan and South Sudan.

He wrote [5]:

With the official birth of the new nation that was once a part of Sudan, many of us feel heartbroken. Not because of the rich resources that are now gone (and there is plenty of that). We are heartbroken because a part of us, a culture, a people, many peoples, have gone their own way.

But the truth is, I have nothing but love for the people of South Sudan. I wish them the best in their new nation. I wish for them to prosper and cherish the freedom they have fought and struggled for.

This is an open call to any Sudanese who would like to send a message of love to our brothers and sisters of South Sudan. A video and/or audio message of no more than 10 seconds from as many as possible to put together to show our support for the people of South Sudan.

Below are two video clips, A Love Letter to South Sudan [6] and With Love From Sudan [6], that #loveFromSudan youth group made and several tweets about #love from sudan [4]:

With Love From Sudan Initiative:

#LoveFrom Sudan – A Love Letter From Sudan

#LoveFromSudan [4] Tweets:


#LoveFromSudan – A message of hope from North Sudan, on South Sudan's independence day. http://fb.me/10vyg0PO4

@elzubeir [7]:

#LoveFromSudan should hopefully spin off and result in people realizing that with loss comes a new opportunity to appreciate what we have.

@HanaOsman [8]:

Wow! mashallah seems the #LoveFromSudan video might hit 1000 views in less than 24 hours very soon … well done team! http://ow.ly/5Az0D

@bechhamilton [9]:

And my blog shoutout to #LoveFromSudan here: http://t.co/CQejmMP #2Sudans

@MImzMimz [10]:

#LoveFromSudan – A Love Letter to South Sudan http://t.co/BffBDXc

@simsimt [11]:

LoveFromSudan wasn't exclusively about showing love. Semantics doesn't matter. It was more about respect of choice and bidding good wishes.


#LoveFromSudan: A Love Letter to South Sudan http://t.co/r344h9P via @elzubeir! Hope the politians would watch & listen to their people!:)

@leighleighsf [12]:

Congrats South Sudan! The world's newest country (#193) & Africa's 54th state, http://t.co/K7jLA85 The #LoveFromSudan tweets are inspiring.

@elzubeir [13]:

Enough about us though. I hope the people of #SouthSudan break the African trend and build their new nation without fighting. #LoveFromSudan

This post is part of our special coverage South Sudan Referendum 2011 [1].