13 July 2011

Stories from 13 July 2011

Nepal: Children Suffer In Patriarchal Society

  13 July 2011

“Our patriarchal structure of society has given men so freedom that women highly suffer from that, which means most children suffer. Most children suffer means most children do not get proper nutrition and care- forget about the health care and schooling. This eventually means the country hardly gets capable citizens,”...

India: Mumbai Relives A Day Of Terror

  13 July 2011

Today in the evening three coordinated bombs exploded in crowded commercial areas of Mumbai. Netizens were quick to embrace social media to spread news and communicate ways to help. This time we have seen a more comprehensive effort by people who used crowd-sourcing tools like Google Spreadsheet and Ushahidi platform along with Tweets.

TED Talk by Global Voices Co-Founder Rebecca MacKinnon

  13 July 2011

In a TED talk on July 12, 2011 Rebecca MacKinnon describes how the internet has become a primary communication channel between citizens and governments, but warns that there is a corporate layer of “internet sovereigns” between the two. Let's take back the Internet," she says.

Chile: 40 Years of Nationalized Copper

  13 July 2011

As Setty writes in his blog, July 11 marked “the 40th anniversary of Chile’s nationalization of the copper industry.” Codelco, (Chile's state-owned copper mining company) workers went on strike that day “to protest the ‘undercover privatization’ of the company”, Setty explains.

Russia: Kremlin Critics Threatened With Travel Ban

On July 6, 2011, leading political opposition activists Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov suddenly found themselves banned from leaving Russia by the country's Federal Bailiff Service. The concept of a travel ban has a special place in the hearts of people who lived during the Soviet Union.

Belarus: Vkontakte Social Network Blocked by the Providers

Update: Access to the Vkontake site is now restored. Vkontakte, Russian social network, is unavailable for Belarus Internet Users. The network hosts “Revolution Through the Social Network” [ru] group used to organize non-violent protests, telegraf.by reported [ru]. Individual Belarus-based users told GV that the page loads only header but the...

Russia: Infrastructure Falling Apart

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog argues that Russian infrastructure is literally falling apart due to desperate lack of reinvestment, while profits continue to go abroad, making much critical functions of society rely on things made half a century ago.

Cuba, U.S.A.: About that Embargo

  13 July 2011

Iván García contends that despite the general pragmatism of U.S. policy, “regarding the Cuban embargo, the Americans show a notable stupidity”, calling it “an authentic mirrors game…of course, the ones who blame the embargo for all the misfortunes that have been happening are also lying.”

Bahamas: Land Use Planning

  13 July 2011

As the government considers using the Exumas island chain “as a model for land use planning throughout the country”, Bahama Pundit‘s Larry Smith says that “the $64,000 question is how to make all these good intentions real to the average Bahamian as well as to developers.”