5 July 2011

Stories from 5 July 2011

Nepal: Indian Movie Banned By Censor Board

  5 July 2011

Pradeep Kumar Singh reports that a Bollywood movie called “Delhi Belly” had been banned in Nepal because of use of explicit language dialogues. The ban was lifted after the distributor agreed to remove the alleged explicit dialogues from the movie.

Trinidad & Tobago: Blood Donation

  5 July 2011

“What’s missing from the Blood Bank now is a readily shared message that will take people past the banking metaphor to a fresh and inspiring rationale for blood donation”: bitdepth blogs about donating blood and “the missteps of of the National Blood Transfusion Service over the last six months”.

Puerto Rico: High Murder Rate

  5 July 2011

“June 2011: 101 murders in one month in what is the bloodiest year to date in Our recent history”: Gil the Jenius says that “almost all the blame for this lies in a purposely-created system…”

Trinidad & Tobago: Flugtag Fiasco

  5 July 2011

Plain Talk blogs about “the recently concluded Red Bull Flugtag”, which he says “could have been seen as either an amazing and fun filled event, a nightmare never to be experienced again or a tragic horror story…”

Trinidad & Tobago: Here Comes the Rain

  5 July 2011

“Rain brings mixed emotions and the delightful confusion of love you feel for a place that is a most sometime-ish lover”: four fingers and a thumb 2.0 is listening to the sound of the rain.

Bermuda: Action Needed on Good Governance

  5 July 2011

“We need anti-corruption laws. We need whistleblowing statutes. We need political finance reform. We need to take the political Register of Interests seriously”: Vexed Bermoothes has had enough of all talk and no action.

Russia: Vladivostok Bloggers Choose the City’s Flag

As the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit of 2012 approaches, local authorities of the Russian maritime city of Vladivostok are busy with preparations, but creative netizens have pointed out that the city does not have an official flag for the event. Here are some of the creative suggestions put forward to remedy this.

Colombia: Killings of Indigenous Zenú Attributed to Paramilitaries

  5 July 2011

Ahni in Intercontinental Cry reports: “During the last week of June, paramilitary groups shot and killed five Zenú (Senu) indigenous people in northeastern Colombia, including a vice-governor from the community of La 18 and two of his sons. A total of thirteen Zenú have died this year at the hands...

East Timor: Urging Proper Investigation on Child Labor

  5 July 2011

After recording a short video titled ‘Possible Child Labor with Timor Leste Heavy Oil Mega Project‘, Josh Trindade, a Timorese sociologist, says UNICEF and ILO should conduct a “proper investigation”. According to the Government of East Timor, in 2009-2010, 1,000 children between 10 and 14 years old were active labor...

China: Popular Actress Sparks Homosexuality Debate

  5 July 2011

Homosexuality is not a crime in China and in the past few years the gay community has become more visible in the Chinese online world. Last week, an overseas Chinese pastor's reaction to the legalization of same-sex marriage by the New York State Senate, was echoed by an award-winning actress Lu Liping, and their words have triggered a heated debate.

Morocco: Reform With the Taste of an Unfinished Business

Throughout the referendum process, the Moroccan blogosphere was divided over the issue of reform. The heated debate shaking the Moroccan society was reflected in social networks. Some are willing to accept the reform proposed by the King. Others question the legitimacy of a process, they say, was marred with irregularities.

Russia: Arctic armament

Mia Bennett at Foreign Policy Blogs notes how Russia is strengthening its military presence in the Arctic by organizing new military units, thus adding to other countries’ increasing interest in the region.

Tunisia: A Crucial Decision for the Tunisian Net

  5 July 2011

Reporters without borders emphasize the importance of the appeal hearing due to start [fr] on July 4th, in a Tunis appeal court, against a court order to block porn sites.  “Like many Tunisian netizens, Reporters Without Borders are worried that this decision marks the return of the censorship practices during the Ben...