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Ukraine: Yanukovych's Foreign, Domestic Policies; Mezhyhirye Residence

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Russia, Economics & Business, Freedom of Speech, Governance, International Relations, Media & Journalism, Politics

Ukrainiana [1] and Foreign Notes [2] comment on the news that Ukraine's President Victor Yanukovych has finally shown some of his Mezhyhirya residence to a few select journalists from major Ukrainian TV channels. Donetsk-based journalist Aleksey Matsuka writes [3] for OpenDemocracy.net about life and politics in the home region of Yanukovych's Party of the Regions (PoR). Alexander J. Motyl of Ukraine's Orange Blues writes [4] about waning support for Yanukovych in Luhansk region, one of PoR's strongholds. Democratist writes [5] about the current regime's approach to the Ukrainian-EU relations.