1 July 2011

Stories from 1 July 2011

Chile: Massive Protest for Educational Reform

  1 July 2011

Eileen Smith shares photos of the massive protest for educational reform that took place on June 30 in Santiago. She writes: “Today’s [protest] was lighthearted, tremendously entertaining, at times tender (see, boys with the lemon juice), and just powerful.”

#Opandeslibre or When Anonymous Attacked Peru

  1 July 2011

Last week the people of Anonymous, through their Anonymous Iberoamerica arm, announced their intention to attack Chilean and Peruvian government websites on June 23, allegedly because of the violation of the Chilean and Peruvian people's rights and the monitoring of their communications.

Puerto Rico: Blind Justice

  1 July 2011

Gil the Jenius cites two cases in which he thinks justice hasn't been served, saying: “You know–you really do–that the two incidents are going to end in something other than punishment. And you are right.”

Bermuda: Government's Governance

  1 July 2011

The tabling of the Public Accountability Act in Parliament “sounds phenomenal…on the surface”, says Vexed Bermoothes, who goes on to explain that “the new law merely lays the ground work, as required by European directives, for the supervision of accounting firms performing audits of companies that are listed on stock...

Morocco: A New Constitution Without Much Reform

Moroccans went to the polls today to vote on reforms on a new constitution offered by King Mohammed VI. Although praised by many analysts and royalists, the reforms on the table did not live up to the expectations of activists, who were looking for a democracy. Here are some reactions from social media on how the day went.

Macedonia: Omertà Exceptions

A review of the Macedonian online-only commercial media that do not define themselves as pro-opposition confirms the notion that the protests against police brutality are a taboo. A lot of portals carry just a few news items about this topic, mainly spin-loaded reprints from the state news agency MIA. Notable...

Armenia: Yerevan Shoe Project

Visiting Armenia, Ianyan posts photographs of the types of shoes that many women in the Armenian capital wear despite the risk of associated medical problems. The post is part of a continuing project examining shoe fashion in Yerevan.

Malaysia: Planned Rally Calling for Fair Elections Banned

  1 July 2011

The monumental 2007 Bersih rally in Malaysia is going to have a sequel. A Bersih 2.0 democracy walk on July 9 has been organized where supporters of the cause for a clean and fair elections will march through Kuala Lumpur before handing a memorandum to the King. But the government has already declared it illegal.