China: Sudanese President Bashir's Visit Raises Eyebrows

The visit by Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir – a fugitive from the International Criminal Court since being charged in 2009 with crimes against humanity and war crimes in his country's western Darfur region – to China this week is proving to be a controversial one, at least online.

Discussions about this visit have gone a bit zenga zenga across the Chinese Internet, and have turned out far more critical than official media are allowed to let on. Even a microblog post from the United Nations’ official Weibo account generated a few pages of critical comments.

Here's a quick run-through of a few of the many threads which have surfaced on Weibo over the past few days, starting with a simple question from lesser-known microblogger, Bo Shalin8, who asks [zh] of the June 29 photo below, in which Bashir is seen shaking hands with Wu Bangguo, the second-highest ranked member of China's Communist Party, “What's the deal?”

Responses to Bo's question include:

TOKOOCJ 这叫罪友,同犯反人类罪。
月明不照人 :这是世人看不起中国的原因之一
阿寒地 对内对外,干的都是逆历史潮流的事情。
黄埔Y新 国家利益高于一切,没有苏丹的石油,中国伤不起。
cicocn 美国总统应该判屠杀非美国人类罪
爱到疯癫2012 标题应该是 吴不搞抓住了巴希尔!
领导批示_敢动中国 左边是通缉犯,右边是同案犯/
無常薯仔II 清华或者北大搞个巴希尔伟大思想研讨会吧……

- A partner in crime…against humanity.
– This is one of the reasons why people around the world look down upon Chinese.
– It doesn't matter if people look up or down upon the Chinese; the fact is that Wu has been a source of frustration and heartache for the civilized world for half a century.
– National interest comes before everything; Without Sudan's oil, China would be untouchable.
– The American president should be sentenced for slaughtering non-Americans.
– The headline should read, “Wu arrests Bashir!”
– The one on the left is a wanted criminal, the one on the right is his accomplice.
– Tsinghua or Peking University should hold a study session on Bashir Thought……

“Who is this Bashir?,” asks [zh] Weibo user Jin Bocheng, noting that ethnic cleansing is listed among the crimes for which Bashir is wanted internationally. Comments include:

青年共产主义者同盟 看看国际刑庭都通缉过谁?米洛舍维奇,塞尔维亚的民族英雄!看看国际刑庭没通缉过谁?小布什,杀死了多少伊拉克人?奥巴马,一个同时指挥三场战争的诺贝尔和平奖得主!北约,杀了多少塞尔维亚人和利比亚人(包括三个中国记者)?国际刑庭放过一个屁么?
钟鼎文之微博 我们的朋友不是独裁,就是专制
舞用 都是些什么破烂朋友啊
寒愁予 国际法庭审判的都是正确?对米洛舍维奇的审判仅为了分裂南联盟。为什么中国不可以为国家利益去会见苏丹政府方?国际法庭里有没有代表我们13亿人利益?我们为什么加以尊重?英国的马岛海战谁受审?俄进攻格,谁受审?英国石油公司污染海洋谁受审了?

- Have you seen who the ICC has put a warrant out for? Milosevic, the hero of the Serbian people! Have you seen who the ICC hasn't put a warrant out for? George W. Bush, who killed who knows how many Iraqis. Or Obama, the Nobel peace prize winner currently overseeing three separate wars. How many Serbians and Libyans has NATO killed, not to mention Chinese journalists? Is the ICC blowing smoke out its ass or what?
– Our friends aren't dictators, they're autocrats.
– What kind of crappy friend to China is this?
– You can tell what kind of person someone is from the friends they keep.
– So what, ICC rulings are always correct? Sentencing Milosevic split up the Republic of Yugoslavia. China can't meet with the Sudanese government out of concern for its own national interests? Does the ICC represent the interests of all 1.3 billion of us? Why should we pay it any attention? Was anyone sentenced after the British Battle of Midway? Or Russian invasions? Has anyone from BP been sentenced for polluting the ocean?

“Recently we seem to be stepping up diplomatic relations with countries like Kazakhstan, North Korea and Cuba,” writes [zh] Weibo user Wang Xiaoyu. “Are we trying to learn from their advanced experience or what?” In response:

醒客-张 凡是敌人反对的,我们就要拥护嘛。
王晓渔 回复@醒客-张:哥们越来越少,抱团取暖
未来观点 社会主义阵营……
梅非 中国怎么没有反人类罪
南周评论员李铁 没有世界警察的世界,什么人会逍遥法外?反过来想想,谁怕世界警察?
网民老顾 那要看世界警察是干什么吃的,是主持公道扶持正义的还是为强权欺负弱小的。
民族家兴亡匹夫有责 那还用说,充当世界警察的人逍遥法外了!谁也不怕世界警察,只是弱国受欺凌,国家没有实力,打不过那些能充当世界警察的人

- Anyone our enemies are against is a friend of ours.
– Yeah, but the number of our buddies keeps decreasing, we need to stick together to keep warm.
– The socialist camp…..
– In a world without any sort of world police, what kind of people would there be living beyond the reach of the law? If you look at it like that, who's really afraid of the world police?
– Well that depends on what it is the world police do. Do they uphold justice and order, or do they bully around weak countries for their strong state masters?
– Then you also have to point out that those acting as the world police live outside the law themselves! Nobody's afraid of any world police, but weaker countries do get bullied around and can't defend themselves, unable to fend off those acting as the world's police.

Noting that Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei recently spoke on China's official stance to solemnly support the ICC warrant out on Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Weibo user Liu Zhirong questions [zh] China's double standards when it comes to the ICC.

Among the many comments Liu received on his several updates regarding the nature of Bashir's visit, one reader retorted: China hasn't even officially joined the ICC, so why on earth are they supporting its decision?’ ‘Bashir's not here for us to learn from him, I hope,’ wrote another. More comments include:


练蒙蒙 国家利益至上,国际刑事法院?算个球。中国和美国都没签字加入。
曹峻峰 哪个国家不是这标准,这个问题上幸亏您只是个书生
兲朝近黄昏 【兲朝没有是非观念】
WS流传风 中国要有自己的盟友!但国际刑事法庭有中国人吗?!
卓尔独行V 回复@WS流传风:国际刑事法庭有中国法官,而且先后有三位中国法官。
擅长歪楼 都说了”法律不是挡箭牌“,朋友,你还不明白?
程长的微博 习惯了已经,如果美帝反对我们吃大便,我们的父母官也会真的拿块大便来吃的

- National interests come before everything. As for the ICC? C'mon, neither China nor the United States have ratified it.
– Which country doesn't have double standards of its own? You sound like a bookworm the way you ask this question.
– The damn celestial court has no sense of right or wrong.
– China needs allies of its own! But then do you see any Chinese sitting on the ICC?
– Actually there is a Chinese judge on the ICC, the third so far. [[[Is that true?]]]
– Friends, the law cannot be used as a shield. Do you still not get it?
– We're just so used to it. If the American imperialists were against us eating shit, the older generation would actually have started eating shit, just to spite them.

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