13 June 2011

Stories from 13 June 2011

Egypt: Exploring Twitter’s Potential on the Ground

Micro-blogging site Twitter has become an important discussion forum for young Egyptians since the start of the revolution, writes Lilian Wagdy. Activists recently hosted a Twitter forum (Nadwa) which brought users to discuss the issue of Islamists face to face. Lilian Wagdy sums up reactions to the event.

Egypt: The Story of the Israeli Spy in Cairo

Ilan Chaim Grapel, an American immigrant to Israel, was arrested in Egypt last Sunday. Grapel has now been detained for 15 days as he is being questioned by the State Security Prosecution over alleged espionage activities in Egypt. Many Egyptians have reacted to the story on Twitter and in their blogs.

Turkey: Election Results, Reactions and Hopes

The results of the Turkish general elections are in, drawing wide ranging reactions from Turkish bloggers. The campaign period for the elections had seen a change in rhetoric in many of the key parties and leaders of Turkish politics and results show a land-slide victory of 50 per cent of the votes for the Justice and Development Party (“AK Party” or “AKP”) in its third term.

Jamaica: “Dudus” Commission Report goes to Parliament

  13 June 2011

As the Manatt/Coke Commission of Enquiry Report goes to the Jamaican Parliament today, Girl With a Purpose is curious to see “if the report puts him [the Prime Minister] and other members of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party, in political jeopardy.”

Cuba: Confronting Fate

  13 June 2011

“Death always makes you reflect. In front of the mirror you tell yourself, “You too are at the mercy of the same power that took the lives of those dissidents. What are you waiting for? What will be your fate?”: Laritza Diversent realises that her fate is “the same as...

Belarus: Crowdsourced DDoS Attack Attempts to Put Down President's Website

The website of Belorusian president Alexander Lukashenko is under attack by a crowdsourced DDoS attack hosted by PutinVzrivayetDoma.org, lenta.ru reported [ru]. @putinvzrivaet explained the purpose[ru]: “Because he [Lukashenko] had blew such a country.” Previously, Ukraine-based @putinvzrivaet scheduled attacks on many other commercial and political websites. So far, however, presidential website is accessible.

U.S.V.I.: Thinking About Transfer Day

  13 June 2011

“On March 31st of 2017, the territory will have been an American possession for exactly one century”: A Nation or Nobody suggests that as the U.S. Virgin Islands approaches this milestone, it must “not lose sight of the fact that we are not at the end of history and our...

Cuba: Farinas Ends Hunger Strike

  13 June 2011

Uncommon Sense confirms that Guilllermo Farinas has ended his hunger strike, which he began “to demand an independent investigation of the police beating death last month of dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia.”

Ghana: Whose Land Is It?

  13 June 2011

Ghanaian blogger Kodjo looks at the problem of land ownership in Ghana: “The other day I spoke with one of the richest men in Ghana (founder of a large financial institution) and he told me he stopped buying land in Ghana because he has lost all faith in the land...

Kenya: The Death of Cinema

  13 June 2011

Njeri discusses the death of cinema in Kenya: “Rising Cost of Living: I would attribute this as one of the main causes of the Cinema's demise. With the price of bread at Ksh. 40, Maize meal at almost Ksh.100, most consumables have become a luxury. Thus we cannot even start...

Malawi/Jamaica: Malawian Blogger Visits Jamaica

  13 June 2011

Malawian blogger Victor Kaonga blogs about his recent trip to Jamaica: “When it comes to African countries, three seem to have a special place in the heats of Jamaicans. These are South Africa because of Nelson Mandela after is named the popular Nelson Mandela Highway, Zimbabwe because Robert Mugabe who...

Puerto Rico: Uproar Over Blogger's Story

  13 June 2011

An anonymous blogger's post narrating how she was insulted by a public official spread through the Puerto Rican blogosphere and social media, and made waves in the mainstream media. The incident has been confirmed. Here is "Yuyu's" story and reactions from netizens.

Colombia: Cali’s Salsa Circus

  13 June 2011

Vicki Kellaway writes about Cali's salsa circus in her blog Banana Skin Flip Flops: “there are the clowns, the devils and the daring trapeze artists. Then there are the tiny sequin dresses, the winning smiles and the principal dancers whose feet move so quickly they almost cease to exist. Throw...