7 June 2011

Stories from 7 June 2011

Pakistan: The Population Bomb

  7 June 2011

Faris Islam at All Things Pakistan urges to engage in a national discussion on family planning to tackle the looming population crisis in Pakistan.

Sri Lanka: Impact Of The Silent Protest

  7 June 2011

Ahead of the Sri Lankan opposition party's mass silent protest against the present rule on Thursday, June 9th afternoon in front of the Maradana Railway station, Colombo, Serendipity weighs in the strengths and weaknesses of such protest.

France, Syria: Syria's Ambassador To France Resigns

Syria's ambassador to France, Mrs Lamia Chakkour, has announced  her resignation during a live audio interview with France24 [fr] TV chanel in Paris, today. “I cannot support this cycle of violence […] and ignore that protesters have been killed, that families live in grief” she said. “I invite President Bachar al-Assad...

Haiti: Rain Damage

  7 June 2011

“Torrential rains (after multiple other days with less torrential rains) caused a lot of damage in Port au Prince and surrounding areas last night”: Bloggers post updates.

Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago: Feminism & Activism

  7 June 2011

Womanish Words congratulates Trinidadian Simona Lee, “creator of the blog ‘Women Speak: Women Tell Their Stories of Discrimination,’ for being chosen to receive a 2011 Internet Activist BlogHer Scholarship.”

Barbados: Blogs as News Source

  7 June 2011

“Some in the traditional media question why social media is gaining momentum?” Barbados Underground suggests that one reason may be that blogs are willing to tell stories that most mainstream media are staying clear of.

Egypt: Khaled Said’s Legacy Still Thrives

Khaled Said is a young Egyptian man whose death at the hands of police last year jump started a chain reaction which led to the ousting of president Hosni Mubarak. Yesterday, thousands demonstrated all over Egypt not only to commemorate the first anniversary of his death, but to voice their anger over what they describe as continued police brutality and torture.

China: Li Na's Championship, National Pride?

  7 June 2011

Over the weekend, Chinese tennis player Li Na became the first Chinese national to win a tennis Grand Slam final. However, Chinese netizens have taken Li Na's victory as a celebration of individualism, and are questioning the country's sports policy.

Mexico: War-Driven Innovation in the Fight Against Organized Crime

  7 June 2011

The Theory Behind looks at “war-driven innovations that, as its name states, are those that emerge, or are catalyzed, by factors related to armed conflicts.” The blogger will be posting on innovations in the medical fields “that can emerge (or are emerging as my hypothesis suggests) during Mexico’s war against...

Panama: Empowering Indigenous Women Through Chocolate

  7 June 2011

Global Voices author Clotilde Castillo interviewed [es] Mathilde Grand, the director of ‘Citizen of Chocolate,’ a “A collective dedicated to the divulgation and diffusion of Tribal Chocolate” which employs indigenous women from the Ngöbe-Buglé community in Panama.

Equatorial Guinea: A Language That Ignores Human Rights

  7 June 2011

In June the membership of Equatorial Guinea to the Countries of the Portuguese Speaking Community will be considered. Bloggers discuss the weakness of historic and linguistic arguments and the country's wealth of natural resources. They also recognize the constant human rights abuses that go against the orienting principles of the Community.

Russia: Bloggers’ Quest For Freedom of Photography

Ilya Varlamov and Dmitry Ternovsky continue [ru] (see also feature article by Will Partlett) their quest for the freedom of photography. This time they visited three Moscow railway stations to check, wherever the police still prohibits (illegally) to make pictures at the self-proclaimed ‘strategic objects.’ Yet, the police ignores the law,...