6 June 2011

Stories from 6 June 2011

Syria: ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ Seized

Amina Arraf has seen a quick rise to fame. Blogging pseudonymously, as Amina Abdullah, she writes about politics, the recent uprising, and being a lesbian in Syria. A dual citizen of the United States and Syria, her powerful words have shown the reality on the ground in Syria over the past few weeks. Today, on Amina's own blog, it was reported that she had been kidnapped by authorities.

Palestine: Hopes Dashed as Rafah Crossing Stays Closed

On May 28 Egypt opened the Rafah Crossing between it and the Gaza Strip, supposedly on a permanent basis. However, Palestinians soon discovered that Egypt was limiting the number of people who could pass through the crossing, and thousands were left waiting in frustration. A week later the crossing was closed again by the Egyptians, “due to renovations“.

Burkina Faso: Netizens Debate Political Turmoil on Facebook Group

  6 June 2011

The 2,000 member strong opposition Facebook group “Blaise Compaoré doit partir” ([President] Blaise Compaoré must go) is one of the platforms netizens are turning to to share news, updates and opinions [fr] about the tense situation in Burkina Faso, where mutinous militaries and presidential forces clashed last week in the town...

Iran: “Another blogger arrested”

Hrna [fa], Human rights activists news agency, reports [fa] that Ali Pour Soleiman, a blogger and teacher was arrested in Iran a few days ago. He was a member of Association of Teachers and wrote [fa] in Sokhane Molem (means teacher's word) blog.

Cuba: Striking for “The Student”

  6 June 2011

Uncommon Sense blogs about the Cuban government's response to Guillermo Farinas’ hunger strike to demand an investigation into the death of dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, while Mario Barosso says: “I have no doubt that the Regime will start to look for arguments to shake the death of Juan Wilfredo...

Dominica: Existing Sodomy Law

  6 June 2011

“Either accept it is part of the belief system the country wants to communicate to the world, or consider that controlling sexuality through a combination of religious thought systems and laws is dangerous and repeal the [sodomy] law”: For Caribbean Man, it's all a question of consistency.

Trinidad & Tobago: To Resign or Not?

  6 June 2011

Tattoo examines the arguments being put forward in favour of removing Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner from his post amidst FIFA bribery allegations, saying: “In the end only one argument may be valid.”

Colombia: No to Cell Phones With Blood

  6 June 2011

Cell phone theft and its subsequent illegal commercialization have represented a problem of public order for Colombia, so much that this year the national government has decided to confront it. But as expected, the measure has generated various opinions.

North Korea: The Food Aid Dilemma

  6 June 2011

In the Council on Foreign Relations site, Toni Johnson published an analysis on North Korea's food situation and the dilemma in sending food aid to the country.

Peru: 5 Points About President Elect Ollanta Humala

  6 June 2011

According to the latest official results, with 88.375% of the votes from yesterday's run-off  election counted, Ollanta Humala defeats Keiko Fujimori with 51.276% of the vote –Fujimori got 48.724%. Bloggings by boz writes “5 points on Humala” summarizing his victory and analyzing possible outcomes.

Mexico: Oaxaca Teachers on Strike Return to Classrooms

  6 June 2011

Aguachile reports that “After almost two weeks of demonstrations, the “dissident” Sección 22 of the SNTE teachers union […] returned to the class rooms today, Monday. In one of Mexico's absolute poorest states, with educational attainment at rock bottom, the teachers left the 1.4 million or so students without a...

Colombia: The ‘Bride of Barranquilla’ Dies

  6 June 2011

Singer and composer Esther Forero [es] passed away on June 3 after being admitted to the hospital on May 11 [es]. She was known as the “bride of Barranquilla” because of her contribution to the city's carnival. Twitter users quickly reacted to the news and shared their condolences with the hashtags #Esthercita and #esthercitaforero.