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Egypt: Letter from Military Prison Cell No. 10

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Digital Activism, Politics, Protest

During their arrest period in a military prison activist Mosa'ab Elshamy [1] and his cell mates wrote notes and messages, which he later on (after his release) published on tumblr [2] [en and ar]. Ahmad el Azhary says in one of them: “Cell no 10. Guys 10/10. Companionship for a Cause rather than thugs.” Mosa'ab and his friends [3] [en] were arrested on May 15, while demonstrating in front of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Military court sentenced them to a one year suspended sentence and then released him on May 22. Several online campaigns [4] [en and ar] were initiated, denouncing what happened and pleading for the release of Mosa'ab and other detainees.