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Spain: Videos of the Earthquake in Lorca

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Citizen videos show the aftermath of the 5.1 and 4.5 earthquake which struck the city of Lorca in the region of Murcia, Spain on May 11th. According to the City Council, between 20 000 and 30 000 people slept on the streets, while brigades check buildings for safety.

Terremoto Lorca [2] by Antonio Periago [3] CC By-SA [4]

The rubble on the streets, the presence of ambulances, casualties and the damage done to buildings is visible on this video [5] mashup. Warning, some images are graphic:


On this one [6], a walk around the streets captures not only images but also background noise:

Deaf video blogger Roberto Cesar [7] has a message of sympathy for fellow friend Oscar, whose mother is one of the earthquake's 8 casualties:

In Bilbao Spain, Mayor Iñaki Azkuna called to a minute of silence [8] instead of a town meeting; in memory of those who died, and in support of those who live in Lorca:


In the Canary Islands, the government did the same [9].

LDTV [10] has an aerial perspectiv [11]e of the disaster, recorded from a helicopter flying over the city of Lorca: