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Arab World: The Club for Arab Monarchies to Get Morocco and Jordan

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At first, everyone thought it was a joke or just one more Twitter rumor. Soon, netizens realised it was true and the shock made everyone act even more hysterical with their funny tweets that Jordan and Morocco's requests to join the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been welcomed and will be discussed.

The news of having Jordan in the GCC did not steal the spotlight because they share borders, but to actually include Morocco, which is located on the other side of the Arab World, prompted a lot of humor and questions.

The GCC is a political entity, set up in 1981, which brings together Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

The hash tag #GCC went on fire after the news of Morocco and Jordan requesting to join the GCC. [1]

The hash tag #GCC went on fire after the news of Morocco and Jordan requesting to join the GCC.

UAE columnist and tweep Sultan AlQassemi (@SultanAlQassemi) was one of the very first to tweet the news. He wrote [2]:

Now the Gulf Cooperation Council states have borders with Israel, Palestine & Syria.

Then, AlQassemi added [3]:

Basically the GCC is turning into a club for Arab monarchies. #Morocco #Jordan

Muna Abu Sulayman (@MunaAbuSulayman), a well known Saudi anchor who works for MBC broadcasting company, noted [4]:

New GCC is about ensuring no one has power except Old GCC… Big lesson to Egypt– they have rendered Arab League obsolete

Another Saudi woman, Hatoon Al-Fasi, a famous woman rights activist and PhD holder also tweeted her reaction to the news of having Morocco and Jordan as members of the GCC, and her point of view was repeated in different ways by several tweeps also. Al-Fasi (@HatoonALFASSI) wrote [5]:

GCC is transferring into the Council of Monarchies, Jordan and Morocco are invited to join.

Ebtihal Mubarak (@EbtihalMubarak), a Saudi activist and Journalist based in New York City, agreed with Al-Fasi in her tweet [6] saying:

Is the new #GCC is a desperate attempt from rich Gulf states to protect the remaining monarchies/dictatorships in the Arab world?

Heba Al-Butairi (@H_eba), a young Saudi woman who was the first to register for voting in the municipal elections in Khobar a few weeks ago, wrote [7]:

Thanks for letting me see beyond the understandable.. Let's switch it then from GCC to “Monarchy alliance against democracy” MAAD

Kuwaiti lawyer and political activist Obaid Al-Wasmi (@Dr_alwasmi)also criticized the news writing [8] [ar]:

الترحيب يإنضمام الأردن و المغرب لمنظمة مجلس التعاون يستوجب تغيير نظامها القانوني من منظمة دولية إلى نقابة للأسر المالكة لأنه هو الهدف الفعلي

Welcoming Jordan and Morocco to GCC should come with changing GCC legal system from an international organization to an association for Royal Families, because that is actually the real aim.

Young Saudi tweep Aalia Al-Faigh (@Aalia_F) touched another string in the case saying [9]:

the most important thing is that the citizens hadn't been asked and have no opinion