Kuwait: In Love with Osama Bin Laden

This post is part of our special coverage The Death of Osama Bin Laden.

Picture of Khulood Al-Khamis from her Twitter account

So what does it take to make a woman fall in love with someone like Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden? Apparently, a long beard, admits Kuwaiti female columnist Khulood Al-Khamis, who stunned readers with a love letter she wrote for the terror mastermind, who was killed by the US, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, this week.

In her letter, in her column in the Kuwaiti Arabic daily Al-Qabas, Al-Khamis described Bin Laden as the man of her dreams, describing how she would have loved going with him to his cave, washing his beard and becoming one of his wives. She ended her article promising to wait or him in heaven to continue her Scheherazade tales.

The columnist, who happens to be a short story writer, has an account on Twitter . Her article shocked many readers. On Twitter, Al-Khamis received a lot of sarcastic mentions, including from Ayman Zawahari, a parody account of the Al-Qaeda second man, who asked her a simple small question:

شدعوه خلود مالنا رب يعني؟

Oh Khulood, What about me?

Saddam Hussein, another parody account, followed:

خاتون خلود خميس ، مو آني هم مجرم وچتلت بشر أكثر من أسامه .. ليش ماتفكرين بيا ؟!

Lady Khulood Khamis, I'm also a criminal who killed more people than Osama has killed, why don't you consider me?

Yahya Taleb Ali, a young Kuwaiti writer, wrote yet another sarcastic tweet saying:

ميخالف شباب، الأخت عبرت عن رأيها وإعجابها بأسامة بن لادن وتبي تمشط لحيته. هذا رأي والتعبير عنه حق مكفول. أنا عن نفسي أبي أمشط شنب نيتشه

Come on guys, she is expressing her opinion and crush on Osama Bin Laden; she wants to brush his beard. That's her opinion and expressing it is a guaranteed right. I personally would like to brush Nietzsche's mustache.

Another Twitter user, who claims to be a president of Kuwait's upper class area Shuwaikh, wrote different tweets about Al-Khamis's article, including this one:

بعد مقالة خلود الخميس..ڤيكتوريا سيكريتس تطرح تصاميم جديدة بعنوان( آآآآه فجرني)عبارة عن لنجيري مفخخ بالديناميت للإغراء الإرهابي

After Khulood Al-Khamis recent article, Victoria Secret will launch a new collection entitled “oh, Bomb Me” consisting of lingerie planted with terrorist seductive dynamite

Another Kuwaiti female Twitter user, Ghadory, did not hesitate to mock Al-Khamis, but this time in English:

#kholoudalkhamees (‘Cause Ur a freak, baby) U want it bad, bad romance With #OBL I got a whole new perspective on lady gaga song

Molten86 wrote with a serious tone:

#kholoudalkhamees تبي تشتهر ! بسرعة ! أمدح ظالم إرهابي .. مبروك انت نجم لامع الآن

She wants quick fame. Compliment a terrorist tyrant! Congratulations, you're a star now.

Salman Al-Naqi has also dealt with Al-Khamis's article in a serious way saying:

أحذروا السلفية الجديدة التي تطل علينا برجال حليقي اللحية و نساء سافرات الوجه.. و لنا في الكاتبين بدر البحر و خلود الخميس خير برهان ! #kuwait

Be careful of New Salafism that comes to us with beard shaved men and unveiled women. Writers Bader Al-Bahar and Khulood Al-Khamis are good examples

This post is part of our special coverage The Death of Osama Bin Laden.

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    من هم موافق اين نظر هستم كه اين خانم به دنبال معروف شدن بود كه با اين نامه به هدفش رسيد. و اينكه از اين به بعد بيشتر بايد مواظب بنيادگراها در لباس متجددين بود.
    و براي اين خانم هم از ته دل متاسفم…

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