3 May 2011

Stories from 3 May 2011

Russia: Who is Restricting the Russian Internet?

Russia's position in American non-profit organisation Freedom House's report "Freedom on the Net 2011" ratings has dropped from the previous findings in 2009. The report analyses freedom of access to the Internet in 2009-2010 in 37 countries. According to author Marina Litvinovich, to "liberate" the Internet and raise Russia's position in Freedom House's ratings, the Russian community must turn its attention to Article 282 and start a campaign to have it repealed.

Portugal: Adrift, With a Bailout in the Works

  3 May 2011

The crisis scenario in Portugal, worsened by the fall of the Government in mid March, and consequently the opening of the doors to the "troika" for an international financial bailout, has left the Portuguese judging the path taken over the past three decades, one towards the idea of an open and joined-up Europe.

Arab World: Questions and Closure Follow Bin Laden's Death

Saudi terror mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed in a United States CIA operation in Abbottage, Pakistan, yesterday. Netizens from around the Arab world have reacted to the news. On Twitter, reactions flowed all day, with some cheering his death and others mourning the demise of the Al Qaeda's 54-year-old head, whom they called a martyr.

Taiwan:Osama bin Laden's mansion…and bad “Feng shui”?

  3 May 2011

Don't be surprised to learn that Taiwan TV news always try hard to decode global issues with “Feng shui“,  and this time it is the death of Osama bin Laden and his mansion being decoded. While “Feng sui Master” in the news says that any leader stay in that kind...

Cape Verde: Unheard Stories from Marginalized Youth

  3 May 2011

The website For CV introduces a theatre and film project in Cape Verde called Mim’delo [pt]. According to the non-profit association behind it, 10 pt, Mim'delo aims to involve marginalized youth who “[struggle] to find their identity, space and voice under the pressure of poverty, the lack of job opportunities, crime,...

Pakistan: Osama’s Death – Different Perspectives

  3 May 2011

The news of the death of Osama Bin Laden is still creating commotion in world media and especially in social media. Aamir Raz Soomro from Karachi brings to us some different perspectives on how Pakistanis on social media reacted to this eventful news.

Zimbabwe: Mixed Reactions to Osama Bin Laden's Death

  3 May 2011

The news of the death of “the world's most wanted man” was received by Zimbabwean netizens with mixed reactions. Perhaps the reactions were somewhat to be expected as Osama was killed by the American government, which some Zimbabweans say is responsible for their country's problems.

Haiti, U.S.A.: Bin Laden & Blindness

  3 May 2011

“When I heard the news, I wasn't sure whether I should exhale or hold my breath”: CURRENTS BETWEEN SHORES suggests that the killing of Osama Bin Laden is tantamount to a “powerful symbolic victory”.

Trinidad & Tobago: Knowledge-Based Region

  3 May 2011

Gerard Best suggests that “the Trinidad and Tobago media [must] go beyond the discussion of Press Freedom and begin to re-examine its role in advancing the development of this small, complex and culturally rich society.”

Cuba: Information & the Internet

  3 May 2011

Uncommon Sense says that the Cuban authorities continue to try to contain free expression, “extend[ing] its blockade on information…by limiting access to the Internet.”

Tweeting Bin Laden: Have US Journalists Become Citizen Reporters?

  3 May 2011

When news of Osama bin Laden's death broke on May 2, 2011, journalists in the United States were tweeting and using social media to report what they saw on the streets. It marks an interesting contrast to how 9/11 itself was reported in 2001 when social media was still only a nascent technology. Have journalists finally become citizen reporters?

Azerbaijan: Calls for an international campaign for press freedom

Speaking at the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day event over Skype, Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli call for an international campaign involving celebrities to draw attention to those harassed and imprisoned by authoritarian regimes. The two recently released video blogging youth activists also note that online tools are ineffective without...