Yemen: Lunch Time at the Pro-Change and Pro-Regime Camps

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

Protests against the Ali Abdulla Saleh regime in Yemen started three months ago, and continue to rage as protesters call for an end to his 32-year rule.

Pro-Saleh protesters have also been visible, in their tens of thousands, rallying for support for the Yemeni president, and often clashing with protesters.

This video, by la7jpress, shows lunch time at both camps, in the capital Sanaa.

The description reads:

الفرق بين مؤيدي الرئيس اليمني والمطالبين باسقاط النظام وقت الغداء
The difference between the supporters of the Yemeni president and those calling for the overthrow of his regime during lunch time.

The first part of the video shows filthy roads, and what is alleged to be Saleh supporters squabbling for food parcels. At one point, the netizen video taping the incident is told off and asked not to film further.

The second part of the video shows orderly rows of protesters, eating food, and then cleaning up after their meal is over.

The aim of the video is to show the difference between the two camps.

Kammal2005 comments on the video saying:

يؤيدون الرئيس على شان وجبه غداء

يعني لو المعارضه تدفع لهم مثل ما يدفع النظام الفاسد لكان الكل مع المعارضه بس النظام ساقط لا محاله

ولو نقارن بين شباب التغيير والمعارضه من جهه ومن الحزب الظالم من جهه اخرى تعرف الفرق

شباب التغير لا يعطون اي متظاهر اي شي انما يجي بس لتكلم بصوت الحق

مؤيدين الرئيس فقط للاكل والشرب واستلام نهائيه اليوم الراتب

الشباب بكل محافضه مع التغيير

والمؤيدين لرئيس يالله يجمعهم بميدان السبعين كمان بعد ما يخرجون من صلاه الجمعه يروحو بمواصلات

بس رح يعرفون من الصح
kammal2005 21 hours ago

They support president Saleh for a lunch meal. This means that if the opposition had paid them like this corrupt regime does, then everyone would have been with the opposition. But this regime is corrupt.

If we distinguish between the pro-change youth and the opposition, on the one hand, and the oppressing regime, on the other, we will see the difference.

The pro-change youth do not give any of the protesters anything. They just turn up to speak in the voice of the truth.

The president supporters are there only for the food and drink, and to collect their salaries at the end of the day.

Youth in every governorate are pro-change while the president's supporters only gather on the 70th Street Square, after Friday prayers, and then leave in transportation.

They will soon know what is right.

This post is part of our special coverage Yemen Protests 2011.

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