Syria: “The Revolution is Continuing in Daraa; Are You With Us?”

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.

The situation in Daraa, Syria, is becoming more destitute, as reports continue of more protests, and a more violent crackdown on the protesters.

On Twitter, Daraa Now reports:

URGENT: Tens of dead bodies still scattered within the city of #Daraa #Syria

and adds:

URGENT: Complete darkness now in #Daraa #Syria, no food, water or communications, bullets are add up!

while SyriansHand notes:

More than fifty of protesters were shot dead by security forces and Syrian army since Monday in #Daraa #Syria

The Angry Arab News Service‘s As'ad Abu Khalil blogs:

A Syrian source sent me this: “”My cousin tried going to Daraa today to see if his sister and her family are still alive, but as soon as he got close his car was shot at by the army and he was told he will be dead if he gets closer and a lot more which I would rather not share. This is the army that is supposedly protecting the ppl of Daraa from “armed gangs”. By killing more people the Syrian regime is doing the biggest service to radical Islamist.””

In another post, he adds:

I think that we should all call for the return of the state of emergency. I never knew how dangerous it is for Syrians not to have it. The regime is killing more Syrians without it.

Meanwhile, on YouTube, videos continue to pour out of Daraa, showing protesters being shot at, like in this video by horanson1:

The video comes with the following note (Ar):

الشعب ينشد النشيد الوطني السوري أمام الجيش و الجيش يتردد بإطلاق النار و لكن العناصر الأمنية تبدأ بإطلاق النار على المتظاهرين العزل من نساء و شباب فهل هؤلاء يريدون دولة اسلامية أو امارة أم انهم فقط يطلبون بالحورية
و من يطلب الحرية عند بشار الأسد فهو خائن و سلفي و مندس و موتور
ام الحرية فقط لبشار و ماهر
الثورة مستمرة و الحمد لله المعنويات عالية بالرغم من سقوط شهداء

نحن نطلب الحرية لا اكثر و الحرية بنظر بشار و ماهر الأسد تعني لهم سقوط نظامهم القائم على القمع و الأستبداد
فأين انتم يا أكراد اين انتم يا عرب أين انتم يار دروز اين انتم يا علوية اين انتم يا سوريين
كلنا نريد الحرية
الثورة في درعا مازالت مستمرة فهل انتم معنا؟

The people are singing the Syrian national anthem in from of the Syrian Army, and the army responds by shooting them. The security forces always start with shooting unarmed protesters, women and young people. Do those people want an Islamic state or an Islamic Emirate or is all that they are demanding freedom?

Whoever demands freedom is considered a traitor or a Salafist or a foreign agent by Bashar Al Assad. Is freedom just for Bashar and Maher (Al Assad)? The revolution will continue and our morale is high despite the fallen martyrs.

We are asking for freedom and nothing more but freedom, in the eyes of Bashar and Maher Al Assad, means the end of their regime, which is founded on repression and injustice. Where are the Kurds? Where are the Arabs? Where are the Druze? Where are the Alawites? Where are the Syrians? We all want freedom. The revolution is continuing in Daraa. Are you with us?

On Facebook, the Sham News Network continues to update readers on the situation in Daraa. A recent update reads:

لا زالت درعا البلد تحت الحصار الإجرامي و البربري من قبل قوات الأمن و الفرقة الرابعة الغادرة و المجرمة ولا زال صوت الرصاص لم يتوقف منذ ثلاثة ايام مع استمرار قطع الماء و الكهرباء و الاتصالات تماماً حتى حليب الأطفال قاموا بإتلافه في محلات الأغذية التي قاموا بنهب بعض محتوياتها واتلاف ما تبقى منها و الأدوية معدومة تماماً و الجرحى في حالة مأساوية جداً و بعضهم إن لم يتم إسعافهم فوراً فسيستشهدون في غضون ساعات قليلة
Daraa is still under the the criminal and barbaric siege of the security forces and the treacherous and criminal forth brigade. The sound of bullets continues to ring and has not stopped for three days. Water and electricity supplies and communications is completely cut off. They have even destroyed infant's milk in stores, which they looted, and destroyed the rest of their content. Medicine supplies are running low and the conditions of those injured is miserable. Some of them cannot be treated and die in a few hours.

The Syrian Days of Rage page on Facebook has more on the situation in Daraa:

People of Daraa are calling for stopping the Genocide , Daraa now is completely blocked. the Security forces bombed water tanks , burned bakeries , broke and stole pharmacies. There is no milk for children and they are starving and they also do [not] allow injured people from having medical treatment . and also the reinforcement of the artillery arrived to Daraa , in more than 30 tanks

Back on YouTube, Sham News Network shares this video with us, showing protesters in Daraa pelting a tank with stones:

And last but not least, the UN Dispatch lists eight must-follow Twitter accounts for the Syrian protests.

“While less refined than traditional journalism, Twitter has become a vital resource for people interesting in keeping up-to-date on the fast-moving events in Syria,” it notes.

They are: @MalathAumran, @ProfKahf@SyrianJasmine, @AnasQtiesh, @Mohammad_Syria, @Wissamtarif, @RazanZ and @BBCLinaSinjab.

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011.


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