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Iraq: Is Saddam Still Alive?

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Saddam Hussein is making the rounds on social media, with a new recording claiming that the Iraqi dictator is alive and well and that his double Mikhail was the one executed [1] on December 30, 2006. Many netizens are quick to describe the video as phoney and assure readers that Saddam is dead and gone. Had he been alive, the former Iraqi dictator would have turned 74 today.

The video [2] (Ar) allegedly shows the voice of Saddam Hussein in a phone call with Iraqi comrade Hassan Allawi, telling his friend that he is alive and that his double was executed. The Saddam imposter also threatens to turn the Green Zone into a “Red Zone, overflowing with the blood of traitors” and to “liberate Iraq from its invaders.”

Here is the video [3], which has been uploaded on YouTube by sulalmalki and viewed about a quarter of a million times:


There are also more than 500 comments on the video, many by people who think the video is a hoax and that Saddam is indeed dead. Other commentators pay tribute to Saddam and his leadership, and acknowledge that the tape could be real and that that Saddam could still be alive.

The ad on Facebook for the Saddam video [4]

The ad on Facebook for the Saddam video

Other accounts have also uploaded the video, which is being spread on social media platforms across the Arab world and there are Facebook advertisements [4] to market the video as well.

From Egypt, Zeinobia, who blogs at Egyptian Chronicles, agrees [5] that Saddam is dead:

I believe that this is just fake phone call , I do not believe it for one second. I do not care for the conspiracy theories those Baath loyalists are living on that Saddam is alive somewhere just like Elvis !!!!
Saddam Hussein was executed in 2006 , why to wait all those years to announce to the whole world that he is alive !!!? Why now !!? Why now when Iraqi youth began to be influenced by the Arab revolution spring and we all saw their attempts to have a sit in at their own Tahrir square. The Iraqi youth are fed up with the occupation ,are fed up by the division whether sectarian or ethnic and want to restore back the united independent Iraq.

From Saudi Arabia, Sultan Al Sulami smells [6] something fishy:

غريب يطلع مقطع صوت صدام حسين مع حلول الذكرى 74 لميلاده
Isn't it strange that the clip with the recording of Saddam's voice goes viral in coincidence with his 74th birthday?

And speaking of Saddam's birthday, some Twitter users seem to be celebrating.

Hamad A.M.A., who tweets @alhajaj13, from Bahrain, notes [7]:

اليوم ذكري ميلاد رئيس الجمهوريه العراقية. الشهيد صدام. حسين
Today is the birthday of the President of the Republic of Iraq, the martyr Saddam Hussein

Meanwhile, Tariq Khonji, also from Bahrain, jokes [8]:

@tkhonji is wondering why so many people in Bahrain are celebrating Saddam Hussain's birthday today? ;P

and adds [9]:

So I Googled this Saddam guy who's’ birthday Bahrain appears to be celebrating today turns out he attacked Kuwait one time and Iran another.