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Syria: The People Want to Overthrow the Regime

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This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011 [1].

Syria is heating up this Friday, with news of fresh protests in many provinces, and more violence as the regime tries to crackdown on the unrest, which started on March 15.

From the ground, Razaniyat tweets [2]:

Syrian tweep @Kinaniyat confirms the death of Mohammad Kahil few minutes ago in Homs. We will never forget our martyrs. #Syria #fb

Doha-based Abdurahman Warsame shares [3] news from a wire service:

Reuters: at least 3 protesters are injured in #Duma, #Syria

And CNN's Arwa Damon reports [4]:

#douma eyewitness: 3 dead, 7 wounded when anti-riot & secret police open fire on around 50,000 demonstrators #syria

Damon notes [5]:

demonstrations erupt across #syria, many reports of gunfire being used in a number of cities & towns

And another tweet confirms [6] Razaniyat's tip:

eyewitness #homs: 1 dead, shot in neck, 24 wounded when plainclothes police opened fire on demonstrators trying 2 reach clock square #syria

As footage of the protests is aired live on some television stations, Samar Dahmash Jarrah is beyond belief. She tweets [7]:

The thought that i can switch on TV and see Syrians chanting Freedom Freedom by the 10's of thousands seemed illusive but not any more!

Al Jazeera's Cal Perry is on site. His time-line is dotted with tweets outlining today's action. He writes [8]:

Thousands in #Banias calling for overthrow of government. Thousands also in #Deraa, chanting the same. #Syria

UAE tweep Sultan Al Qassemi continues [9]:

Now: thousands of protesters in Baniyas shouting “Jazeera Jazeera” after the person with the mic told them a caller cursed the channel live

Dubai-based Iyad El-Baghdadi is also following today's developments in Syria closely. He tweets [10]:

BTW, there are many news about protesters tearing down a statue of Hafez al Asad, here or there… #Syria

He further adds [11]:

Keep in mind that it's not very difficult to come across a statue or picture of al-Asad in #Syria. They're everywhere.

And he continues [12]:

Aljazeera Arabic is now airing live from Banias for the first time since the revolution. #Syria

On Twitter, Wissan Tarif, shares [13] this video [14]which he says is from:

Zabadani #Damascus suburb #Syria Demo statring in Al Jesr area old part of town video

The short clip, taken today, shows hundreds of protesters.

Videos of protesters killed today have also made it online. (GRAPHIC WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised) This video [15] shows two victims, said to be killed in the suburbs of Damascus.

And this video [16], from Al Haska, shows what are thought to be government-backed thugs, attacking protesters:


And here is footage [17] from Daraa, where protesters are calling for the overthrow of the regime:

Meanwhile, appeals for help and calls for doctors continue to be made. FreeSyria just tweeted [18]:

El-Bar hospital in #Hama needs surgeons urgently #Syria

Stay tuned for more coverage from Syria.

This post is part of our special coverage Syria Protests 2011 [1].