Ivory Coast: Ivorians on Twitter React to the Address by Alassane Ouattara

After several difficult months and the advance of the Republican Forces of Ivory Coast (FRCI),  the Forces stopped at the doors of the presidential palace still occupied by Laurent Gbagbo, who is taking refuge in a bunker accompanied by family members.

Thursday evening, President Alassane Ouattara addressed his fellow citizens.   @YHMalak provided us with a link to the text of the address [fr].

@celine_lussato is amazed that reactions are almost totally unanimous:

Either #Ouattara has given an extraordinary reconciliatory address, or he has reported all his adversaries as ‘spam'!

Twitter users especially have learned a lot from the address:

@Lord225 SEM Alassane: My fellow countrymen, whether you are Muslim or Christian, whether you voted for me or not…

@kanazan ADO provides a brief history of the situation over the past 4 months #civ2010, ballot block mediation panel etc.

@kanazan ADO congratulates the FRCI for bringing about domestic peace.

@kanazan ADO is announcing measures to compensate people who have been looted.

@SenamBeheton Ouattara stresses the country's continuity.  Banking, cocoa, security, economy etc.

@Lord225 SEM Alassane:  I ask all Ivorians not to indulge in any type of revenge.

@nightsnake1975 is amazed:

Finally, someone who speaks of penalties for every misdemeanour?  When did Gbagbo do that?

@Lord225 continues:

SEM Alassane:  A blockade was set up around the residence of the outgoing president to increase the security of the surrounding population.

@El_Fredo comments:

Well, apparently its game over for Gbagbo, his bunker will end up like Fort Chabrol.

@Gare_au_gorille stresses and recommends:

Forget the RDB (République du Bunker) and build an RCI, united and fraternal.

@Lionelmarc agrees:

I say that's exactly it, Gbagbo can just stay in #gbagboland with his gbagbotians if he wants.  When he's tired he'll come out.

@MaryMary225 concludes:

Well, there you go!  Gbagbo blocked ADO in the hotel, now it's ADO who is blocking Gbagbo in his cellar.

@sixtem63 stresses:

The Gbagbo chapter is closed, we don't need to talk about him any more on this thread!  We can begin by finding him a nickname for the thread!

@ALISOUM goes back over what seems the most important thing, that is:

Ouattara to the FRCI:  “Every act of violence will be punished”.

@nightsnake1975 repeats his comparison of the two men:

OUATTARA > Every act of violence will be punished;  GBAGBO > You don't cry over the one who is helping you.  Actually, it's not the same thing.

Now politics is reclaiming its rights, Christian_peace teases:

Let's wait and see if the supreme LMPists accept the salary that ADO is soon going to transfer into their accounts.

@FreshleySnipez follows with:

If any of them are really angry, they shouldn't go and pick up their salaries tomorrow.  We'll wait and see.  It's neo-colonial money kiakiak.

But comforting messages were quickly back again,  sixtem63 :

Think about getting some news about your neighbours.  There are urgent needs.  The thread #civsocial is there for this purpose.

@sroukoudazoa :

LMP, play fair.  To better prepare for the elections of tomorrow, it's important to accept today's defeat and learn a lesson from it.

And the Twittos list all they can do again, ALISOUM

Now, all Ivorians can go to work and give back to Ivory Coast its place in the world.  #CIV2010


Open the banks.  Pay people's salaries, let us drive, bring back our cars, water, electricity and gas.  LET US LIVE.

@teekenb :

At the end of the month I'm taking my things back to Abidjan.

@Swat_twit :

Monday, I'll be in the office.

@kanazan :

A news bulletin without swearing, without resorting to hatred, without threats, without miracles in the palm nut sauce.

And continues:

Soon, people will be able to put their real name and real photos on this thread.  #civ2010 Enough clandestine behaviour.

@nightsnake1975 wants to pass on an important message:

RT PLEASE ->  Call to soldiers wounded in the scrub or hidden, to let someone know so they can be cared for.  All they did was obey.

@kanazan asks a basic question:

The Golf Hotel received fresh supplies by chopper;  how will the bunker be supplied?

And laughs at the response from @MaryMary225 :

The bunker will get supplies from the gutter, kiakiakia.  That's twice you've killed me.

The Twittos conclude @myGMX about Laurent Gbagbo:

The film has ended.  The bandit has retreated to his cave.

On the address by Alassane Ouattara,  frigolo59 :

Rallying speech, responsible, standing for what the RCI must become again, “Let's go forward” dear brothers and sisters!


@itsme_leclerc Ivorians, you are living in historic times.


@teekenb stresses the importance of #civ2010

Alassane Dramane Ouattara is the strategist – but I'm sure that his advisers have followed the thread #civ2010 to pinch the IDEAS HERE.

And obviously the Coast wouldn't be Ivory without a bit of humour, @nnenna :

ALERT:  A new word has arrived in the #IvoryCoast saga:  The Republic of  “Bunkerkistan”.

And we'll finish with @SplinterCeII who talks of reconciliation:

…  #civamour has been created!  Let's promote this thread so everyone can be reconciled here!

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