1 April 2011

Stories from 1 April 2011

Mexico: Reactions to “Resignation” of US Ambassador Carlos Pascual

  1 April 2011

The government of the United States recently announced the resignation of its ambassador in Mexico. The decision is understood by some bloggers as a clear consequence of the disclosure of confidential documents by Wikileaks and discomfort from the Mexican government, while for others the resignation doesn't make sense because the published documents show that the ambassador acted in accordance with the work of his predecessors.

Russia: More on Navalny

More on Alexey Navalny's anti-corruption activities – at A Good Treaty and RussiaWatchers. Also, the newyorker.com transcript of Julia Ioffe's Q&A on Navalny is here; “I think Navalny is Russia’s best hope,” she responds to one reader.

Bangladesh: Pedaling The Path To Empowerment

  1 April 2011

Rudmila Rahman writes about the initiative of a group of thirty passionate women from diverse walks to life, who “got on their bicycles and rode through Dhaka to promote bicycles as an alternative means of mobility for women in Bangladesh.”

Russia: Tatarstan People's Message to Japan

RuNet Echo  1 April 2011

Russian photographer Oleg Klimov re-posts (RUS) a YouTube video (RUS, JPN) by a Tatarstan-based Japanese photographer Sohei Yasui, in which residents of Tatarstan's capital Kazan share their opinions on the situation in Japan and send kind wishes to the Japanese people.