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Ukraine: Lukyanivka Pre-Trial Detention Facility

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Ukraine, Governance, Human Rights, Law, Politics

Journalist Kristina Berdinskikh writes [1] (RUS) at her Korrespondent.net blog about Kyiv's pre-trial detention facility SIZO #13/Lukyanivka: the conditions (general capacity is 2,800 detainees, the actual number is around 4,000; cells for 40 people house 60-80, inmates take turns sleeping; “60 people sometimes smoke all at once, if a non-smoker ends up there, it's hell for him”); the construction of a new building for female detainees (“with furniture, beds, TV, decent toilet”); a 39-item list of books that ex-interior minister Yuri Lutsenko [2] has read in the three months of his detention at Lukyanivka.