Libya: Air Strikes on Libya Begin

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

Air strikes on Libya, aimed at crippling Muammar Gaddafi's air defenses, just started, receiving mixed reactions from people around the world. A coalition made up of the US, France, Italy, Canada and the US have been formed for the offensive to uproot Gaddafi, whose people have called for his ousting since popular uprisings started in the country on February 16.

Here's the latest buzz from Twitter:

@cnnbrk: French planes opened fire on #Libya military vehicle, French Defense Ministry says.

@innevata: Pentagon: Over 110 Missiles Fired at 20 Targets Inside #Libya: god,110..

@AustinLytle: Forces striking soviet era air defenses. Allied conventional missile strikes and first phases underway. #Libya

@flyingwithfish: #Tripoli #Airport has its Sun, March 20 flights up,no canceled flights from Libyan Arab Airlines, Buraq Air.Wishful thinking? #libya #travel

@adeb91: #libya state tv doesn't need to be watched, just know that they are telling lies and are clearly worried, and rightfully so, they're going!

@chlai88: Gaddafi spokesman keeps harping abt ceasefire, well, too little too late now, wheels r set in motion #libya

@IbnOmar2005: “Ppl gathering to protect #libya from these attacks”- Ahmed al-zwai Really where are they? #Libya

@KungFuTheater: shouldn't this Libya thing be a UN problem and not a US problem?

@DCNativeSon: That being said, I still think that whatever money it's costing 2 bomb Libya should've been spent @ home. Are we the only ones w/ bombs? SMH

@allstarangel: Woke up to news about Libya. I feel it is unsafe for me to sleep at all. Something awful always happens.

@shebanx: People kept screaming “Intervention, Intervention”. Now there's an intervention & everyone's still going “Intervention, Intervention” #Libya

@kbdamas: Sarkozy said that diplomacy is possible if Gaddafi stops attacking = we will lift ‘no-fly zone’ if we get new oil contracts. #Libya

@fotaibi tweets (Ar):

شعوري مختلط ٠٠ مشاهدة هـذه الطائرات تذكرني لا شعوريا بما حدث سابقا ٠٠ #Libya
“I have mixed feelings. Seeing those jets reminds me subconsciously of something that has happened before.

@TifeTheBawse: With the US's hand in Egypt and Libya i bet most of yall forgot the we're still occupying Afghanistan and Iraq…

@keem0therapy: Why are we bombing Libya again ?

@alexandriabrown: When will learn to mind our own damn business . * Loads up missles and hops in tank. Headed to war with Libya* ugh

@BernardKeane: Might be a good idea to treat official Gaddafi regimes statements as having the same status as a Twitter parody account. #Libya

@alsulaiti: @MuammarLGaddafi if u ever decide to leave Libya, anytime soon, no pressure, I have a nice place for u here in qtr

Tweets from earlier today:

@robcrilly: on roof of hotel. shelling towards the airport now, columns of smoke in the distance. Gaddafi's ceasefire a sham #libya #benghazi

@sultanalqassemi: Clinton arrives at Elysees. So has Ban Ki Moon. By the time all the Africans, Arabs, Europeans arrive Gaddafi will be in control of Benghazi

@IndyLibya: France sends warplanes against Libya after Gaddafi's forces enter Benghazi… #Libya #Feb17

@bunbunbunnyyy: I am SO HURT! people keep dieing! the #NFZ is just a joke! world leaders talk big but take NO ACTION! #libya #benghazi #feb17 #freelibya

@AlmanaraMedia: Medical source 19/03/2011: Total of 26 died today in Benghazi — 11 of #Gaddafi Forces, and 15 Revolutionaries including Citizens

@SaloumehZ: 6:11pm While attacks on Benghazi have subsided for now, opposition fighters expect another offensive tonight. @AJELive #Libya

@Liberty4Libya: #AJA analysis, #Gadafi troops tried to penetrate in to the city through #Tabalino suburb, using shelling, tanks & artillary #Benghazi #Libya

@feb17voices: AJ:A: caller from #Benghazi things have quieted in the city [since earlier fighting], spirits remain high. #libya

This post is part of our special coverage Libya Uprising 2011.

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